Hello world!

It is a new day, a new year, and another opportunity to outstanding human beings. Unlike the majority of my peers, I have not allowed myself to fall to the routine New Years Day habits:

    • 1. Surround myself with obnoxious strangers
    • 2. Have too much to drink ( 1 glass of wine for dinner, and a half of a bottle of champagne)
    • 3. I did not drive home after said drinks were consumed
    • 4. I did not wake up hung over
    • 5. I did not make any resolutions (this needs explaining)

    The last thing I wanted to do this NYE was to place myself on a crowded boulevard, packed like sardines amongst a bunch of loud & heavily intoxicated peers. It is not so much the drinking that I dislike, but the repetition of speech, the drunken conversations that arouse once others have reached that special point in their consumption, and volume that is used when people are placed in areas like downtown Los Angeles. I can enjoy myself just as much as the person next to me without talking at loud volumes or repeating myself over and over again.

    Compared to the way things unfolded last year, my drinking was very relaxed and casual. The Moet felt like “I am drinking the stars!” -Dom Pérignon. I don’t think that there is a better phrase to describe that drink after trying it for the second time now. The dry & crisp notes really bring out the stars. What made me realize I did not have too much to drink was the fact that I was able to taste every note I had from the first to last glass. This makes me want to celebrate events more often.

    Thinking ahead, I made the decision to stay at the house I meant to bring in the new year with. On one end, I imagined all the major highways to be extremely dangerous after the countdown. Then on the other end, another side of me anticipated the roadways to be as empty as when the 405 freeway was shutdown for bridge reconstruction. The police department is always trying to improve their tactics in apprehending those who choose to drink and drive on holiday weekends such as this. In knowing that through PSAs and by word-of-mouth, I would expect the human race to acknowledge this and to just stay indoors all night (Then again, when has the human race made a responsible decision when alcohol is involved?). The bottom line is, I felt safe as soon as I parked my car for the night.

    The drinking that was done last night was accompanied by a full meal of indian curries, samosas, plenty of water, and a variety of appetizers which were very hearty and filling. This made the food and drinks taste better, and the night’s sleep satisfying. As a result of this hang-over-less morning, I intended to ride to the Mt. Baldy ski lifts to get one of the best views of southern California there is to offer, but Saturday morning’s ride with my good friend Lee made my legs a lot more sore than I thought. So I ended up staying home, reflecting on my day (through the internets) and making plans for a relaxing evening.

    I did not make any resolutions for this year because I feel like annual plans are a form of long-term procrastination. Don’t just talk about something, be about something; right away. I do have plans in my life, I just choose to announce then when they are currently in progress or have been accomplished.

    That is how my NYE & NYD is unravelling. I have plenty aspirations to last the entire year and will be attacking them with full force. How is everyone’s new year going currently? How was your NYE? Did anything get out-of-hand? Please share your thoughts and stories. I love to listen when someone has a genuine thought they wish to share.

    Do everything you wish to accomplish this year; promptly. Don’t just talk about it, be about it.


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