Everyone has at least one thing that they wish they could improve on. Whether it is big or small, we could all be doing something a little better. I feel that in order to do whatever it is we wish, we need to invest the time & effort and set ourselves up for success. I am following my own advice by taking immediate actions in bettering myself. These are not drastic, life-altering changes I have set myself for; but more of healthy habits. Right now I would like to:

  • Make a full tank of gas last an entire month
  • and contribute my spare change towards my money pot I was given for the holiday

I do not wish to change the world overnight, or make everyone see eye to eye about a spiritual belief. I want to practice positive habits in an attempt to better myself as a whole.

I currently own a 1998 Toyota Camry with more miles on it than I care to mention (>250k). The engine was well maintained by the previous owner, and a full tank usually takes me about 300 miles. My day-to-day tasks I do are no longer than 25 miles away from me. What this means, is that I live close to my:

  • grocery store (5 miles)
  • work (7 miles)
  • school (6 miles, 1 mile from work)
  • friends (>20 miles in any direction)

With as much cycling as I do, I am surprised why I haven’t done this earlier. I gave this a shot in December, but made a few dumb decisions to drive when I could have easily pedaled to my destination and ended up making it to the 3 week mark. This month I am determined to meet my goal and would love for this to turn into a regular task for me. I have all the necessary hauling equipment for groceries, clothes, and whatever it is I need to store. I cannot think of a genuine excuse as to why I will need to drive so much with the months to come. A lot of people do not realize how much closer we are to things like restaurants, shopping malls, or their jobs. I have seen how close I am to everything, and it is because I know how far everything is from me that I feel like this is within my grasp. Seeing the city is a lot more enjoyable when you can observe it for a little longer than what we are used to in a car. I have a few errands to run, but I have no problem waking up the extra hour earlier to get my tasks finished.

For the holidays, I was given an original Terramundi money pot. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is an Italian piggy bank. Instead of it being shaped like a pig, it is a plaster jar with a simple pattern design. What excites me most about this is that unlike your traditional piggy bank, there is no cork you can remove to retrieve the money you place in it. You have to smash the entire pot to claim your prize. The catch to this money pot (aside from the smashing) is that you are not allowed to smash said pot until it is filled to the brim with money. The description on it says it can hold up to 500 dollars in dimes, nickels, and quarters, but is no bigger than a cantaloupe. I began placing my quarters (and only quarters) at the beginning of the year. I wonder when I am going to fill it up & how much money I will accumulate.

money pot
This is my Italian piggy bank

These are my small-term investments in becoming a healthier person on the outside and the inside. I am looking forward to following through with all the plans I set in front of me. I feel as though the foundation is being laid, and all that is left is the effort from me. I sense a more organic life approaching, and I am loving every minute of it.


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