Bicykillers 2012

The dearest friends that I surround myself with all ride bikes. We all ride bike and we really enjoy it. So much so, that we are known as “Bicykillers” (this sounds really vain, but no one can truly grasp this title without direct exposure).

Bicykillers at the Santa Anita race track


This passed Thursday We rode from North Hollywood, through the streets of downtown Los Angeles, through Pasadena, all the way back to where we started. We follow the rules of traffic and ride at blazing fast speeds. (Last Thursday’s route)

To many, this sounds like a task that would be almost impossible. Whether it be the distance, the pace, or the fact that we ride on roads and not sidewalks. To be completely genuine, there is nothing in this world that compares to riding bikes with a sovereign group of friends through city streets both urban and rural. We ride all throughout LA county, rediscovering the more unappreciated gems of land we often times take for granted. A lot of people do not realize how close places like Hollywood or Pasadena are no matter what your location may be. People look at traffic time and somehow add that to the distance they are from their destination. This thought process is…. silly.

Sunset blvd. Just passed Vermont


I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that we love what we do. We are not professional racers, (although some of us may have those goals in mind) and there is no membership one would have to pay their way into joining. We all have full-time jobs and have down-down-to-earth personalities.

Rocky Castro


I could honestly go on and on about how much I love every single person who comes out to ride with us, but that would be redundant. This is one of my favorite evening group rides I will go out of my way to join (I planned my school semester around making it out more often). In an effort to share this emotion with everyone, I encourage everyone to go out and find something you enjoy doing in a group of close friends (Whether it is cycling, or sewing) and take time out to share a mutual feeling. If you live in the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, and ride a bike, then I encourage you to join us Thursday nights at the Coffee Bean across the street from the North Hollywood Metro station. I can promise you that you will have the time of your life. Be prepared to show genuine effort, and have your life changed.


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