We All Need Order

When discussing goals, everyone has strategies that route their way to said goals. It is arguable that we as a species are unique in our own way. I can argue against this very same idea, but for the sake of these thoughts I have, the ways in which we all achieve our goals are just as unique as ourselves as individuals.

Many of my good friends are aspiring for success in the competitive cycling category. Many have made tremendous strides and can consider themselves “elite” amongst the average pedal pusher. Many people see someone’s success and feel that if they go on that same path, they too will acquire that same success. I have felt this way and have now realized that this plan is…. Impractical.

Unless we as a species can re-create every single aspect of someone’s childhood, we remain individuals. My childhood could be compared by hundreds if not thousands of people that surround me. However I as an individual may or may not have reacted differently to a particular situation than those like me.

The point I am trying to reach is that because of my upbringing and my unique reactions to life situations, I cannot live my life the same as everyone else and expect the same results. I have friends who train their asses off and have been successful as a result of hard work day after day. Then there are those (who I feel that we as a society cling to) who do not have to work as hard as those around them to get to the same result. I have been a victim of seeing these people and wanting to follow their path of less resistance than my own. This disappoints me at times, but the realization of my own path that works best for me is most comforting. I have to work hard, suffer, and pay my dues in order to achieve the same success as everyone else (at least when it comes to cycling). This is not as agonizing as it may seem. At the end of the day when I am done counting calories and riding to keep my intake lower than usual, the feeling of accomplishment that I get makes it all worth while.

I have another race coming up this coming Sunday that is in the same location as my first race. I am doing all the right things nutrition & training-wise to set myself up for a far better result as last time. No more drinking, no more pigging out before bed (This was one of the hardest things to do) and no eating when I am bored. I now weight 141 pound and hope to drop about five or six more within the next month or so. The days of cutting weight when wrestling in high school seem all too familiar. That being said I just want to ensure everyone that I am losing weight in a healthy, productive manor. I am not just losing water weight and sacrificing muscle. I have a scale that tells me my body fat percentage, body water, and body muscle. I have noticed that from time to time I will lose a little bit of muscle before bed. By the time I wake up, I have lost about a half of a percent of fat as well.

Being on top of my weight makes me feel good about myself. I want to do well this racing season and my actions are finally becoming louder than my words. I have a very busy schedule now (Full-time work & full-time school!) but I feel that it keeps me in order. As I have mentioned before, I truly feel as though we all need order in our lives.


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