More than Half-Way There

As it stands now, I have raced six out of ten races for my category five career. After I finish (not necessarily having to obtain a certain position) I can upgrade to category 4. From there on out, you either get top ten & progress, or you will plateau indefinitely.

It seems like just the other day I was just beginning to race, and now I am looking towards my future in higher categories. Looking back I surprise myself by the progress that iv’e made. one of the great aspects of this lifestyle is that, no matter how fast, fit, or strong you may be, there is ALWAYS someone better than you. This keeps me constantly humbled & striving for further success. I find myself pushing further and further passed previous thresholds with ease. I know I can become really successful, I just need to be constantly pushed by riders who are better than me. For most people this can be very discouraging. For others, (such as myself) it is all we need to keep ourselves going.

My next race is tomorrow afternoon in Ontario & it is another mixed-category race with those who are faster than I. Deep down inside, I feel that I might not be able to keep up with the entire field, but as mentioned before I need that constant ass-kicking to keep me on my toes.

Success is drawing nearer and nearer for me. I am physically obtaining my desired shape of more muscle mass & less fat (and the loss of about 5 or 6 pounds). I intend to get a new lighter, & stronger bike by the end of the racing season with my tax return money. All of the pieces are falling in to place. All I need to do is keep doing what I am doing now & be patient (that & less overeating on those tough dieting days). Deep down I feel like I am using my time wisely & not wasting away constantly drinking alone while making plans for the future without ever following through with them like I used to.

The feeling of approaching success is very hard to verbally describe. It is this anticipation & observation of progress that makes everything worth while. It is now time for me to rest up for tomorrow’s race. Take care everyone.


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