Just when you think….

Just when you think things are taking a turn for the worst, those same things began to pick up once again.

The Voice Inside My Head: “You sound like one big cliche’. Shoot yourself.

In the past few days, the little troubles in my life have begun to make a miraculous turn for the better. 

  • Co-workers have began to take interest in my Aids LifeCycle event and have inquired how they can contribute to this good cause.
  • School and classes have become more bearable once the right amount of attention is focused on them.
  • I am riding on a more regular basis now. 
  • I find it easier to communicate with those who I normally do not surround myself with in my everyday life.

I have to admit that I felt a real sense of solidarity on this passed Thursday’s group ride with the Bicykillers. There was a real sense of common existence and equal effort being exerted throughout the entire ride. This week’s route was a fair distance hit at a fun, and challenging pace. After our ride, I felt well balanced once I got home. I did not spend the night drinking, I wasn’t dead tired either. I had my usual recovery drink, shower, and post-ride dinner. Even after all of that, I still felt the urge to clean up around my house and prepare for the next day.

This morning I had no problem getting up out of bed and pedaling to work at a pretty hot pace. It was on my way to work today that I realized that I NEED to ride to keep myself sane and balanced. I am really glad I have planned where I work, and go to school, a convenient riding distance away from my house. I was able to finish an entire homework assignment and continue working on a research paper before I left for work today. I find myself more motivated once the right positive decisions have been made, on my own.  All more of a sign pointing towards doing the right thing.

Work today seemed to drag on. I was able to head back to the station with time to spare. As the time came to clock out, I heard that a co-worker of mine was interested in supporting my summer San Francisco to Los Angeles bike vacation. The only thing I have really done to spread the word about the cause I am supporting was put a poster on the bulletin board at my work, and in one of the break rooms at a hospital we usually go to. I loathe marketing (this goes without saying) and have not really pushed for my co-workers to support me just yet. I found it really surprising that someone would inquire about it out of their own curiosity. We discussed what the cause I was fundraising for’s goals were and he told me to remind him about it on pay day. I will be sending a mass work email to ask to support my cause. This is honestly the most I feel comfortable doing as far as marketing goes. I know a time may come where I might need to be a little more aggressive, but I really really hope that I do not have to turn into “that guy”.

To conclude, I never would have thought that people would inquire about sending money to a cause on their own free-will without being lectured about said cause. I never thought class would become easier throughout the semester. And I also never thought it likely that a weekly group bike ride could end with a sense of common emotion week after week. The people who I surround myself with are very close to me right now, closer than usual. I feel connected, and I really enjoy it.


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