Coffee Vacation

When figuratively juggling many obligations such as a full-time job, full-time school enrollment, a potential cycling career, and the remainder of my time trying to sustain an adequate social life, I have been the victim of the “Caffeine fix” everyone is all too familiar with. As I sit and type this in a classroom, I see classmates walking in with their cups-of-this, and cans-of-that as though It was no big deal. I am noticing in my personal life that although I am able to go for longer periods without sleeping, hopefully resulting in more time to balance productivity in this phase in my life; other issues have come about.

For one, I have not slept well in over a month. I toss and turn all throughout the night. I know that many different points of view can be argued other than caffeine intake, but to prove my point I would like to try to go on, what I call a coffee vacation. My addictive personality is presenting itself when I find myself becoming more and more tired throughout the day. That and working in the field of emergency medicine for over ten hours her day, the coffee throughout the day to keep you going becomes even more tempting.

My theory that I have come up with, is by be taking a break from caffeine, I will no longer need the extra energy to keep myself going throughout the day. Just like any other addiction combative plan, It is going to be difficult. I can assure you that I have been tempted many times through out the day to “Just grab one small cup”. I have one exception. I have discovered that a few nutritional products I use for training in cycling does in fact have caffeine in it. I will continue to be using these products because I feel that I use the majority of things that are in them. The idea is not to mope around while drinking coffee drinks in an effort to improve my sleep and hopefully have more sustained energy.

It has been about a week now. I find that I am taking a lot more naps ; a lot. I know that by weening myself off of these stimulants, I am restoring a more natural sleep and energy balance. One significant thing I have noticed, is that I sleep great now. I cannot stress enough how sound of a sleep I have been getting. Although I still tend to not sleep for the appropriate amount of hours due to school and work, when I do sleep, I have not woken up throughout the night once.

To conclude, my reduced intake of stimulants has resulted in healthier sleep patterns. I find myself craving the taste of coffee & may try out a decaf cup or two, but for the most part, I find myself returning back to a healthier time. I am constantly sleepy and in need of a full-body massage. I consider this a time of recovery & re-cooperation. Once I get a full nights sleep with some physical therapy, I can only hope I will feel revitalized. Here’s to longevity and recovery for prosperity.



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