Coffee-less Progression

Since my last post, I can already see a difference in my behavior throughout the day. I have to admit, the cravings for coffee came very strong to me. I have learned to control my temptations to get my “Coffee fix”. I find myself drinking green, and numerous other types of teas to help satisfy myself. Another craving I have had since I abstained from the caffeine is (as strange as it sounds, it is completely true) juice and fruits. I guess to try and compensate for the “Zing” I got from the coffee, I have moved to healthier sugars that come from fruits.

I am eating a lot healthier, sleeping more, and riding more consistently. I have to say that I feel fantastic. I am obtaining a desirable shape for the remaining racing season. Not too long ago, I received an American Red Cross blood donor card. This card has my registration information for the next time I decide to donate blood, (which I try and do as often as possible) along with my blood type. I am happy to announce that my blood type is A positive and the reason I am happy to announce it is due to my recent findings that were associated with this blood type.

When I first discovered my blood type, I thought to myself

Okay, I know my blood type, now what?

Almost immediately after I found out what it was, I looked up what it meant. To my surprise, I am able to receive numerous different types of blood just in case things were to take a turn for the worst. The most surprising thing I found out is that there is a diet type that is associated with this blood type. The best type of diet I can have to support my blood time is a plant-based, vegetarian diet. I have been a vegetarian for three-and-a-half years now, so hearing this news put a giant smile on my face.

I feel more balanced and energized than I have in a long time. For one point, I felt like I was living my life one coffee cup at a time. So with the combination of abstaining from almost all caffeinated, and being a better vegetarian to cater to my blood type, my cycling has improved. Just today during a weekly afternoon race training/group ride I attend, I won the final sprint against grown men with bikes that are more expensive than my car. I feel lighter on my feet, and have a quicker recovery time to keep the pace hot. There are two races I am attending this weekend that I have high hopes for. I am making all the right moves and not straying far from the straight-and-narrow path.

I feel as though my life at the present day and age is summarized (as corny as it sounds) by the song “Hip to be Square”. It is the best representation I can come up with right now. Here’s to ongoing progression and reaping the fruits of your labor.



2 thoughts on “Coffee-less Progression

    • Yes. In a very strange way, cycling and all of the effort it requires is a calming labor. The same way athletes experience the “Endorphin high” cyclists too experience an almost euphoric sense of relaxation and comfort.

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