Summer Schedule

With recent academic limitations for this upcoming intercession, I have been thinking about ways to keep my summer productive. In the past, summer has been a time of relaxation and having less priorities for the approaching months. At this point in my life, I would like to remain as productive as I can be (without spreading myself so thin, I am pulling my hair out from stress). I don’t feel as whole of a person if I am not getting some type of productive work done throughout my day.

With that being said, I go back to my thoughts of what options I had for this summer:

  1. I could scavenge the county in search for a Community College that was providing the necessary classes I needed for my major
  2. Take a break and simply work & ride my bike a lot more often
  3. Work on continuing work-related education

I am choosing option 3

Choice three struck me just this morning. I am in the process of renewing my EMT certificate & while enrolling at UCLA’s refresher program, I stumbled on a few other classes that were offered that seemed to be in my best interest to take. With hopes to acquire some type of hospital related job before I finish nursing school, ( I do not wish to stay an EMT for a private ambulance company for the remaining year I am to be in school) I have discovered certain job openings for ECG/Telemetry technicians.

This job role includes the ability to recognize electrocardiogram rhythms & knowing what types of interventions are needed to correct abnormal rhythms through pharmacology (medications).

ECG Rhythm

This job can get my foot in the hospital door, and solidify a concrete position in a certain location. The job requires a few more certificates than a normal EMT job would, and is a lot less physically demanding than the current job I have.

I do not loathe my job by any stretch of the imagination. I enjoy what I do, but do not seeing myself continuing with the same job for the next 2-3 years. I can see myself working at a hospital for a long time, even if it is not the exact position I am looking for. I am glad that I have recently discovered this alternative to an otherwise less-productive summer. With this new job, I can continue to progress and grow (move out, etc).

Here’s hoping everyone has a pleasant summer, whatever your plans may be.

“Keep busy, you’ll thank yourself later.”


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