So, this is the end?

The spring semester of  post-high-school academia is at an end, and I can now check one less priority off of my to-do list. I know I should be feeling relieved and happy that I have one less thing about life I need to concern myself with, and I honestly do feel that way deep down somewhere inside of me. Another part of me that I cannot help but shake is rhythm of having to hustle work, school, & cycling, all while trying to hold a somewhat adequate social life with my peers. For the past four months, I have had to study or finish homework assignments in between twenty-four hour shifts, and try and stay quick on the bike. I felt comfortable with balancing these three things (The voice in my head: “Well duh! You had to either find balance or pull your hair out from anxiety.”) and now that they are gone, I ironically feel imbalanced; at least for the moment.

I am enrolled in my ECG class and begin on Monday. I have been told by a few co-workers that although I am taking a preparation course, I am to know the basic analysis of the ECG leads and what they tell.

12 lead language
I am supposed to know what these lines are telling me.

Although this was very discouraging from the beginning in that it looks like a foreign language, (and it is!) once explained, I have a general understanding of what it means. The electrodes that are placed on your body are taking pictures of your heart’s electrical activity from multiple angles. There is an electric current that shoots from the top right corner of your heart, and continues in a south-east type direction. This picture tells whether the chambers in your heart are pumping at the right rhythm (due to the electrical current) and rate. This is only a two day course, but I am confident and determined to do the best I can.

Once these classes are finished, I will have a lot more time on my hands to….. well I don’t know yet. My goal of keeping a somewhat normal social life was a bit unsuccessful. I have turned into a bit of a hermit for the past four months and now that I have been having weekends off, I don’t know what to do with my time. My birthday is coming up near the end of the month, I should plan something for when that day comes. I could pick up a book or find some friend to interact with one of these nights and do what normal people do with their time.

I feel awkward doing all of these things, but I’ll get over it eventually. I want to interact with new faces and have some new & refreshing experiences. Here’s to new connections and returning back to reality.




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