Updated Update

I want to make a valiant effort to share my life and thoughts on a more consistent schedule. I am aiming for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to be my update days. This way I can keep things interesting, fresh, and not have a massive amount of experiences to share all at once.

I have been enjoying my temporary work vacation/hiatus and have been spending quality time with my friends. I spread myself pretty thin this spring, so although I currently am not working, I am not by definition “Unemployed” and will have a job to return to (at a higher wage than before) as soon as I update some work-related certificates.

Being on the bike on a more leisurely agenda has really restored my sanity and keeps me from turning into a sloth. It is times like these where I feel I can really reflect on what I’m doing with my life, and the goals that I set.

Over the weekend, I will try and gather my thoughts to compose them in an enjoyable fashion. That, and tinkering with this WordPress layout.


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