Progress, is Progress, is….

Today is Monday, and it feel pretty good to get my thoughts out via typed word again. As it stands right now, I had a fun bicy-weekend with my good friends riding through the canyons of the Santa Monica mountains. We went at a comfortable pace, & celebrated at a barbecue spot in Woodland Hills.

My weekend was concluded with a visit to the Mrs’ place for some rest and relaxation. We stayed in the majority of the day (she had work early today & I had a skills test I needed to get up early this morning for) but still had a good time & made a pretty tasty Indian dinner. I find that it’s little things like grocery shopping and laying around together shows real love in a real life scenario. If you are able to relax and just be mellow with whoever your significant other may be, you two are at a true state of maturity & compassion (that and boredom haha).

This morning’s skills test went off without a hitch. My boss who has to physically see if you are capable of performing basic life support tasks like CPR, Bag Valve Masks, Airway Emergencies, performing a Trauma assessment and Imminent Birth. My boss likes to see his employees get flustered and nervous when he is in power. Since I know him pretty well I expected to sweat a little bit, and told myself “This will all be over soon.” I also knew that even his sadistic attitude would not fail me, since I am one of his employees and him not giving me a chance at passing would be him losing money I could be making him.

Once that was all said-and-done, all that was left to do was send everything in the mail and confidently wait in the mail for my new cert to come in. I didn’t feel right just sitting around the house, when I knew there were things I still had to do. Now that everything is finished, I feel like all the weight has been taken off my shoulders & I can enjoy this time off. Don’t get me wrong, on the other hand  I do miss working; as crazy as it may sound. I’m the type of person that will stay home all day if I do not leave the house by 9am. I like making the most out of my day, and for the first few days, I was just sitting at home, being a sloth.

This week will have a lot of riding in store, and what I am considering,

“A well deserved, genuine work vacation”

I have a dentist appointment at the end of the week that I am not too worried about, and whichever spontaneous occasions come my way. Just last night, I was browsing the internet video libraries for bicycle fitting specs one can apply for a more comfortable ride. Over the weekend I was noticing some real discomfort around my “Sit bones” (ischial tuberosity). While browsing the libraries, I realized that the saddle I have been using is a size too small for me. My bones were on the wider, less padded area of the saddle, causing discomfort. So before tonight’s ride, I am headed over to the shoppe to get my sit bones re-measured and hopefully find a comfortable saddle that is my right size.

Most of my morning errands are finished & I know my night will be enjoyable because all of my tasks have been finished so there will be nothing lingering in my head like, “I should really be doing this-or-that instead of…” My friends and I are gathering and riding to celebrate another friends last night in Los Angeles before he moves to the bay area. Good times, with good friends on good fitted bikes.

“Progress, is progress, is happiness.”


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