Living the Vacation-Dream

It’s times of the year like these where I really can’t help but remember my upbringing and the worry-less season that every kid looked forward to. Now that I am an adult, I’ve felt that that same feeling was nearly unreachable. With work, and continuing education, a real summer vacation seemed like a silly thought to even consider. Unless you’re a school teacher, the chances that your work allowing such a large amount of time off would lead to you heading back to the unemployment office. It is only certain situations like mine where I can push my responsibilities to the side for the next two-to-three weeks.

This week really feels like a genuine summer vacation for me: no work (Which is secretly killing me inside), no school, and just enough funds to make it for the rest of the month. I feel like a kid again, and I have to admit that it is truly refreshing. Working 24-hour shifts can really be draining despite the overtime payoff at the end of the pay-period. I’ve mainly been riding bikes and catching up with my friends by taking things easy and enjoying myself.

On Monday night I am almost certain I was riding with Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar. For those of you who don’t know, he is an actor who’s most well-known role was “Zack Morris” in the TV series “Saved by the Bell”. I tried starting a conversation with him, but he was a bit reserved and it didn’t last very long. He is in pretty good shape, but isn’t stuck-up or bitter about who he is. I overheard that one of my buddies Jeff Thrasher convinced him to come ride with us tomorrow night! He is said to be a San Fernando Valley local, and wouldn’t mind joining us one of these weeks. Now that I think about it, I could have swore I saw him today when I was coming back from my back-breaking ride this morning. I had the option of breaking off of the ride I was doing around the later-half of it to go to another ride and rack up some miles but as mentioned before, I really am enjoying the time I am spending with my local friends and rendezvoused with them for beers instead of my other further-out riding buddies. We all had a good time drinking drinks in some nice bar. I feel pretty good when I show up to places such as bars and restaurants with all my cycling garments on, and everyone is dressed pretty “Nice”(formal but not suits and fancy dresses formal) and giving me the stares. I feel more comfortable in that than wearing what everyone else is wearing in those settings.

This morning I put a lot of miles in with some other valley locals I like riding with and have a lot to learn from. Racing season is dwindling down, and it gives me a chance to build on the foundation I have made for myself. This mornings’ riders are experienced racers and always teach me a lot when it comes to fitness, and strategy. I rode about 100 miles today and ended up getting spit out the back of the group with 15 miles to go; and I still had to ride come. All complaints aside, I will most likely end up doing the same thing next week, since what doesn’t kill you, let you kill those around you. Once I got home I was so beat that I could barely lift my limbs in the shower, or having a meal afterwards.

Tonight, my good friends are racing in the velodrome that is about three miles from my house. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends whom I don’t talk to as much as I would like to. Ever since I stopped racing on the track (last year), I haven’t been in good contact with them.

This really feels like the times when I was too young to work, and my summers were spent hanging out with friends from sunrise to sunset. Although now there are naps in between, I am having a lot of fun. Summer nights are so much more enjoyable when you know you have no obligations in the early morning. I’m listening to the new Saint Motel album, Voyeur and I feel rested for tonight’s festivities. I hope there are more people out there who are enjoying themselves as much as I. Here’s to re-living childhood feelings and experiences.


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