Lets Work on Balance

Me being the type of person I am, I have come to find out that I need to work harder on planning outings. Not just bike rides, because that seems to be the only thing I can do pretty well (If you ask me to plan out a route, I can figure something out based on distance, time, & altitude in about thirty minutes.) So, since she is going to be in town for the next week, I would like her to leave on a good note, having confidence that I am a good boyfriend who can plan fun & cute nights, or days, for the both of us. She sent me an email this morning telling me this. All of this effort coming from her side shows she really cares. I owe it to her to try and give her some real effort back. The last thing I want to do is lose someone who cares as much as she does.

I felt like I was on the right track the last Date we went on. Her expectations are pretty high, so impressing might take some time. For right now, I only want to show that I can do this, on my own (for the most part.) I would like to plan a beach picnic soon, but she got pretty sunburned from her last trip to the beach, so I want to wait a little bit. There is a free concert coming up this Saturday I would like to take her to. It’s a free concert in this photography museum in Century City. We talked about it the other day, and she agreed to go.

Until then, I would like for us to go somewhere nice to eat, then actually do something in the area.


Speaking of museums, we could go to one today, then grab dinner afterwards. This sounds like fun already.

So to conclude, as promised, I would try and include more photos in my posts. So I am going to cheat this time, and add photos from past events. Hope they don’t come out terrible.



Angel’s Point













There’s a bird in my drink!

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