Looking Good, Feeling Better

So I feel as though I am getting the hang of being a better significant other. Before I get to the date report, there are a few updates that need to be announced.

I called the agency that is processing my certificate, and they let me know that my new card was sent out in today’s mail, so my latest ETA is this coming Monday. As strange as this may sound, I’m looking forward to going back to work (I wouldn’t use the word, excited, but glad.) mainly because my savings has been getting a little low in the passed weeks. Hooray for my new disposable income (at a higher wage with higher scheduling priority might I add.)

On Wednesdays ride, I met up with some racing buddies out in the middle of climbing a pretty steep hill. It was good to get back in touch since I haven’t seen them since earlier this year. Not only was I glad to see them, but my friend let me know he is going to be renting out two rooms in his house soon. Finally, an opportunity to move out, that is comfortably within my budget, and is about 3-5 miles north of my current house. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity. We immediately exchanged information and Continued on our ride. Our ride ended up a solid 100+miles, with just under 10k feet of climbing. I felt really good all throughout the ride, and have some photos to justify:




I stayed indoors for that night, since my legs needed some rest after being in the sun and in the mountains all day.

Wednesday’s date went pretty swell. She was in a good mood, I found a three course dinner near the beach we could have went to, and another event out in downtown culver city. She appreciated the offers, but just wanted to go to the promenade, hang out, shop, and have dinner.

The mood was a lot more relaxed, and although it still feels like we’re in our first months of dating, I feel really close to her. I’ve come to find out that subtle, yet firm decisions go over best with her. I didn’t feel like I needed confirmation from her for all of my decisions, and she noticed that that night. I bought a few pairs of shorts and she bought a shirt. We ended up getting Indian food nearby which turned out really good. We asked for spicy curry, but it wasn’t too spicy to the point that you couldn’t taste the food. We then proceeded to the pier where we got a pretty epic view of the sunset seen below.


We even ended the night with funnel cake! It doesn’t get much cuter and romantic than that.
We spent a good amount of the day walking, so by the time we made it back to the car, we were pretty tired. She didn’t even make it to the freeway before passing out. I felt like I have done a good job that day, and that my attention to her really showed.

This thursday’s Bicykillers went off without a hitch. I felt really strong up the hills, and my results really showed. I have a race coming up in a few weeks, and if I can keep this strong riding up, I could get really good results.


These passed few days have been a lot of fun. I have a concert, and a volunteer event planned for the weekend. Let the good times roll!


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