Back to the Grind

Tomorrow I finally go back into the working-class lifestyle I have taken almost a month off from. My feelings could be swayed in either direction on this topic. Everyone (myself included) loves their time off, but at the same time I feel a small void in my life. I feel a sense that I should be working, and that I should be more financially productive with my time. I have had to dig pretty deep into my savings to stay afloat for this time off Iv’e had.

Without getting too down on myself this morning, to brighten the mood, I have had an amazing time off, and a very fun weekend with my friends. Since it is still summer & school does not begin for another month or so, I feel like I can still balance work, and going out with friends and loved ones. This weekend was spent in the saddle, and catching up with friends over drinks.

With today being my last work vacation day, I want to spend it doing the thing I enjoy the most. I’m going to ride in about a hour, then were having a beach date for the afternoon to evening hours. This should be a lot of fun. Now that this year’s Tour de France is over, I can adjust back to my normal schedule where I don’t have to wake up at 5am, watch a stage, then go out in the heat to ride. I have been feeling very refreshed these passed weeks. One thing I noticed with my friends is that they never got enough sleep. No one really gets over six hours of sleep, which in my case (me taking naps and getting 8-10 hours of sleep) sounded a bit depressing. I have realized that sleep is just as effective to your body as coffee is, if not better in the long run. I hope that I can keep some type of normal sleep schedule when I go back to work.

I am going to try and take plenty of photos for today’s plans and keep this up-to-date. I also find myself wanting to add categories to this, and this might change the schedule in which I add content. I recently have been having strange dreams that I have never had before. I have been pretty good at taking notes on them as soon as I wake up & expanding on said notes in later entries. I feel like this deserves a separate category & will probably be updated as needed.

That about does it right now for me. Time to get ready to hit the road, then hit the beach (maybe with a nap in between.) The beach weather has been hit-or-miss, so lets hope that it isn’t too ugly outside.


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