Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

Hello WordPress family. Yesterday was my first day back to work after taking a month long break in my attempt to re-certify. I feel a sense of relaxation once I got everything checked out with work. A sweet perk that came with my first shift was, I found a paycheck I forgot to cash laying in my mailbox! How cool is that? Here I was, thinking this week I was going to be extra fickle, but not anymore. I felt a lot more relaxed but at the same time, excited that I found some extra money of mine laying around. Not a whole lot has changed with work. By the end of yesterday’s shift, I got the hang of things again.

I went to go deposit my check today and got an opportunity to put some extra commuter miles in. I was told by a higher ranking co-worker of mine, that since our field training officer is moving to Texas for a work opportunity, we might be looking to promote someone to that same position and I was told I was a good candidate. Although I very humbly didn’t take this seriously, I was wondering if that promotion was work the responsibility. As of right now, I don’t think I can justify taking the promotion if given the opportunity. Then again, If I were offered it tomorrow, I most likely would take it. The current field training officer and I were hired and the same time, and he told me that sometimes, it is not worth the extra wage.

You have to deal with completely “Green” employees, potentially missing critical things that shan’t be forgotten, and possibly injuring yourself, or the patient. You have to almost do the job of both you and your partner for them. Finally, once you do train them to have them squared away, you are no longer working with them, and now have someone new again and have to start back from the beginning. As of right now, I am just glad to be making money again and I don’t feel that I am hurting for a raise.

One thing I do miss, is working with experienced people. My partner today was telling me the same thing, and how he felt a weight is lifted from his shoulders once he works with someone who has been with our company for a while. I couldn’t agree more. I feel like I can leg go, take things easy, and not have to worry about anyone’s job except my own. It can be a real hassle to double-check someone’s work for an entire ten hour shift. I have to make sure they get every document signed by the correct person, and which forms are required, and which ones are not. Perhaps I could be persuaded to tolerate this situation if I made more funds? I haven’t decided yet.

That about sums things up for me. I obviously am not riding as much as I used to, however I am making a real effort to commute to work as much as possible. I cannot ride to work tomorrow, since I am going out to breakfast with the Mrs. In a few hours. I have the weekend off, but no real plans, so lets hope I don’t go crazy when that time comes. There is a bicycle drag-race I’ve registered for this Saturday night. That should be a lot of fun. I hope I am able to get some good results, since a lot of cyclists from all over Los Angeles, and even further with be out strutting their stuff.

Here’s to the work week, and to the weekend!


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