Bad Day at Work

I am noticing more and more that maturity is really shown through a realization of flaws and inadequate situations. Today was a very good example of a not-so-pleasant day. It started from the night before when I decided to join my friends in one of our good friend’s farewell before she heads back home to Canada. I had a few drinks (more than I should have) and made it home just fine. This morning
I was paying for it, with a nasty hangover and very sore legs from what seemed like a mellow ride. Now that I think about it, the last twenty miles of my ride were really rough, & were done in triple-digit conditions with less water than I should have drank.

I felt pretty crumby & had no intentions of leaving the house today. Work sent me a text asking me if I wanted to pickup a shift today (yes, my work sends me emails & text messages.) Although I was not motivated to work at all, I convinced myself to show up, and earn even more overtime than I was already expecting. I kept telling myself, “This is going to be worth it when you get your check” and I hope that I am right.

I knew the moment I walked into work that I was not going to be 100%. I began noticing it, when the coffee I had didn’t phase my mood at all. I was working with a new partner that took some time getting used to. Our first few calls required us to drive some pretty far distances & I really began to feel tired with all this heat & humidity going around. So much so, that I ended up getting lost when we were with a patient. Needless to say, I found our way, and took myself off driving duties for the day. Driving about 100 miles in traffic will drain all your energy & focus. I was from then that I started to feel hungry, but didn’t feel like asking for time to eat since I delayed our transport by about 20 minutes.

When we switched driving roles, I felt like I was going to be sick in the back since my partner was pumping the gas pedal the majority of our trip. I got pretty sweaty and short of breath, which for me is a sign that the nausea will end in the restroom. I ended up keeping my lunch down & let my partner know that his driving literally makes me sick.

Our last call was an emergency room type of call that I felt fine dealing with. Long story short, our patient became critical as soon as we arrived at the receiving facility. No CPR required on our end (we never really know what the end result ends up being at the hospital) which lead us to the question, “Could we have caught that earlier & possibly sent him to a closer hospital then the one that was intended?”  All inquiries aside, we got our patient to the emergency room in one piece, they saw a doctor & was still hanging in there. I felt like this could have been avoided if I wasn’t such a zombie today. This could have ended a lot worse, and I’m glad that no one got seriously hurt during work today.

I still feel nauseous from the rough ride today. I really shouldn’t have picked up today’s shift, but I did, and now it’s all over. I really need some sleep and relaxation. I now know the point that I shouldn’t cross when it comes to mental & physical tolerance. I know my limits, and don’t want to cross them for fear of hurting myself, or those around me. I will be trying to get some sleep & a settled stomach tonight. I have plans to ride in the morning, and I hope I have the energy to go about riding with my friends. If I just come prepared for the heat with water & electrolytes, I should do just fine.

Off to bed to get ready for the day ahead. It feels so damn good to be back in bed.


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