Recovery Weekend

Since last week’s post, I am feeling so much better than how I felt at the end of Friday. I thought I was going to sleep until Sunday morning, but come to find out I had more energy than I though. I was convinced that I needed to vent out my stresses on two wheels with my friends.

On top of totaling up about 55 worked hours in one week, I rode a century (100 miles) two days before Saturday’s ride. My legs felt pretty sore, but not completely depleted. My buddies Illy, Ryan, Ryan, and Jess rode near Mt. Wilson and rendezvoused at a really good Mexican restaurant called, “La Cabanita.” This began a roller-coaster of a night for me. I felt my bike not shifting well, so I stopped by one of my local shoppes I go to to see what the issue was, and I met up with some old friends who I still ride with from time to time. We chatted, reacquainted, and made the best of the nasty weather we were in. The bad news is I found out my derailur was bent and my rear wheel needed to be trued and required special tools. To be completely honest, my heart sank. I began wondering if I would save money by just buying new wheels instead of fixing the one wheel I had.

This couldn’t have been further from the truth. I called a friend of mine, Brett to see what he was up to, and what I would need to fix the wheel. I kid you not, he had all the tools and was about to re-true my wheel in about five minutes. I really enjoy Brett’s company, which is why we ended going out for drinks that night and had a great time not just enjoying our buzz, but people watching the local crowd and how odd they were. We were hanging out with some kids who looked like they just turned 21, and have been there for about 3 hours.

I stumbled into work the next day, only to realize I was working with a paramedic and would have a very easy day. My job keeps them in reserve To keep them really for a call they are qualified. Needless to say we both slept and ate very well.

Just today, the mrs and I stopped by the Getty villa in Malibu, since it was triple digits. We had a lot of fun and really felt like there we still a genuine heat wave.

This is a good summary of my weekend. I hope to keep future posts with more vivid detail, but I am too sleepy and need some rest before work. Good night all, hope to hear from you soon.


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