Men from the Boys

Last night’s ride was a true test of grit, not only for me, but for every single other rider that attended last night (all 15 riders that came out! That is a lot.) The hills that we climbed were very very steep and required some serious handling skills to keep both wheels on the ground. I don’t think Iv’e ever had to bare down and make such a conscience effort to get across something like that ever. This truly has tested my might, and has reminded me that all of us are capable of great things.

Last nights’s ride:

Once all the suffering was said and done, I began to remember what it felt like to really try my hardest, and the success not only in performance, but the success in self-discovery that comes from hard work. I may have mentioned this in the past, but I strongly feel that everyone (95% of the population) has to earn their success. All of my friends who have advanced higher than me in cycling have genuinely earned their place in where they are today. There is no quick way to become the athletes they are, there is only hard work and determination. I find myself diving into this reserved state of mind more often now & it is a truly rewarding feeling at the end of things.

Looking back at how I approached this year’s racing season, I had a good head on my shoulders from the start, but chose not to follow through with the progress I was making. Deep down inside, I felt like when people would tell me, “David, you’re doing great. Keep up the good work. You’re getting faster every time I see you.” I never really took it seriously and always though people were being sarcastic in a way. I now feel that if I were able to take what others said, and saw it for the true positive energy that it was, that alone would make such a tremendous difference for me.

Cycling has lead to some real self-discovery these past years and I cannot see myself going about this discovery in any other way. As much as it hurts, as much as someone might want to quit, as rewarding as cutting things short may seem, the real reward is given to those who go above and beyond the every-day. Those who want success more than the other and is willing to turn themselves inside-out to get it. I feel the effectively executing this is what separates “The men from the boys” so to speak.

I have come to accept that I have a Peter-Pan complex. Complex aside, I love showing genuine effort in acquiring things I consider a success. This effort is very visible to everyone around us, and by spreading this effort, we can influence the world. I will be doing my very best to show the world that we are capable of greatness through my own personal success.

Here’s to longevity and going above and beyond.


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