There isn’t another word I can use that best describes my day more than “Clutch.”

Yesterday, I worked with a new paramedic to the company, who was very nice and insightful through out our expire shift. I really enjoyed working with her. That being said, we didn’t have the best type of shift, ( long story short, we got about 4 total hours of broken sleep during our 24 hour shift.) once that ended, I had plans to go to downtown Los Angeles, particularly the department of transportation to get s certificate renewed for work that I had been pushing back for too long. Today was the last convenient day I could have done so without calling out on Friday.

I ended up riding there which went surprisingly well. Just as I arrived I had realized I forgot something I needed from home. Since I was unsure of how much this was going to cost in the first place, I figured I might as well ask someone else. They told me about twice the dollar amount I was expecting to pay and I then began to panic. I was running out of money, and didn’t know what I was going to do.

Since I had devoted the time to pedal here, I was going to do everything I could to make this happen. I had a talk with the mrs. The previous night and I had been thinking about really putting in an effort to better myself and scone more self sufficient. This was a perfect opportunity to make things happen. I then remembered I still needed to pick up some money from a good friend of mine; Mike. I then proceeded to head from downtown to Burbank to meet him at work by way of the subway. In my anxious mood, I ended up hopping on the wrong one, but it was headed in the right direction for a good portion of my trip. I then rode up and down Hollywood to finally arrive at the NBC studios in a reasonable time.

My next destination was to then go home, pick up some document I forgot, deposit my funds, then go pay for them back to where I started that morning. I was pressed for time the entire day and didn’t really eat solid food since I woke up. I was completely driven, and devoted to getting things done, and I wasn’t going to let the hunger get the best of me.

The bank trip and return trip to downtown went off without a hitch. I paid my money which ended up being less than those other ambulance operators told me, so I had some change left for lunch! I had been counting the minutes since 10am today. I am so glad that things worked out today. I am rewarding myself with a pizza and a beer before I make my trip back home to hibernate.

Once I wake from my slumber, the guys and I will be headed towards six flags in Santa clarita for a group bike ride. I hope I am able to wake up and ride well tonight. I figure 3-4 hours should be enough time for me. I feel a wave of anxiety taken off my shoulders, and can now enjoy some solid food and drink.

I told myself that I was going to make something happen, went against the odds, and came out on top. Today was a rough day, but it really paid off. I want to keep this positive trend going.

Hooray for me!!


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