Well Balanced

My first week of school is finished. I am taking chemistry, biology, and a stress management class (I hope the third class can help with the first two classes). Everything seems to be getting off to a good start. I need to wait another week to get my books, but neither of my teachers are too concerned seeing as I am not the only one who does not have a book yet. My psych (stress management) teacher really pushes for us to avoid procrastination. I think she mentions it about ten times in our syllabus. This class is online, so I will only need to be in a face to face classroom for two classes.

I feel a bit relieved that I can finally study material that pertains to my major. I feel more motivated to do well in these classes. Just the other day I heard some girl (which reminds me of another interesting observation this semester) decided that she might not even buy the textbook since the professor rarely uses it. I was a little shocked that someone already decided to take the easier way out after the first week of class. The textbook also has a lot of extra information which entitles the students to extra credit if read and if activities from the textbook are done. I intend to buy both textbook as soon as I can.

My side-note reminded me that the more prerequisite classes I begin to take, the less and less males I find in my classes. I think there are about 3-5 males in my class out of a total of about 60 students. All of the friends who I have told this to always have the same response:

“Right on! Lucky you.”

I don’t feel that way at all. This feels more and more like my childhood of being surrounded by woman. I do not feel the slightest bit intimidated by this, it is simply an observation. So what if nursing isn’t the manliest major out there? My good friend Marcella said it well when she told me,

“You never fit into a cookie cutter, stop trying.”

Going back to a previous post, I find myself saving money a little easier now. I am going out less, and buying food from grocery stores instead of restaurants and bars. I am trying to make 100 dollars cash stretch for two weeks, spending it only on food. the physical presence of cash in my wallet had made me more self conscience about the things I spend my money on. I have turned down a lot of purchases by looking in my wallet and seeing the tangible currencies that lay there. I predict that I should be able to get myself out of debt within the next two months. This really excites me and comes as a game to me. The end result is me saving money and losing weight (I don’t know if the second one should be happening since I choose to eat less, but I am fine with it.)

The weekend is here, I have been trying to keep up with the cycling fitness, and considering I have to commute to two schools, (and the second is all uphill) I see myself being in good shape by mid-semester. Here is a recap of both of my school commutes with our weekly Thursday night Bicykillers adventures:


Some guys came out all the way from Newhall & kept the pace pretty hot. I feel a close connection with people who have put a lot of time & effort into cycling, but still can have a good time, drink a few beers, and not have their heads out in space with their arrogance. You guys are welcome back any week, and I hope we could join you in one of your rides one of these weeks.

I have a family reunion that I am not too excited for to go to today. I don’t really know what to expect since this is the first ever family reunion I’ve been to. I don’t know what to wear. It supposed to be casual, so does that mean I can ride my bike there? I might keep the steed in the stable today and save it for tomorrow. Homework for the weekend is to get familiar with converting different units of measurement and know how far things like centimeters and kilometers are from each other(I believe these two values are about 5 scientific exponential values from each other). I an getting the hang of converting one measurement to another, I just need more time to get comfortable with their distances from each other.

Those are my plans for today.  I feel like I am in a good place in my life now that school has started again. I feel balanced again; balance feels good.


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