Density, Volume, and Bikes

As the year approaches it’s latter half, & as I listen to the new Animal Collective album, “Centipede Hz” I am coming to a painful acceptance of self. Cyclists may refer to this as a classic case of “fitness.” I am once again reminded that even Olympic athletes need time to rest. I have discovered some tangible, goals and a friend who shares the same specific goals as I. I have know what needs improvement & am excited to start practicing different techniques. As I sit here on campus, waiting for my chemistry class to start, I need to relax & take a day or two off to prepare for the upcoming months. Cycling season is over & I’m already thinking about next year’s races & what I should train for.

While talking with a few friends after one of the last official races of the season, we came to the conclusion that there are two ways to advance

  1. To win races: This is one of the most glorious ways to better yourself in any competitive sport. The chances of this happening are slim to none unless one focuses on winning, and not just consistently get adequate results. The break-away must be practiced multiple times & requires genuine grit. The break-away works once every ten tries which results in inconsistent positioning; but are truly rewarding. Once a race is won and it is made clear what it takes to repeat such task, things finally come a little easier.
  2. To advance consistently: This is the route the majority of athletes choose in their careers. This usually takes longer to achieve, and can easily lead to a discouraged attitude towards longevity of competition. Someone may not see the results they are hoping for when choosing, “the long way” to success.

I have decided that I want to win races. Although it may be only glorious ten percent of the time; for me, it is worth the effort. For years I have been longing for some sign that I am doing well, but have not found it yet. In realizing this, my friend Ryan and want to practice the break-away with our friends on our evening group rides. Since racing season is over, this is our perfect opportunity. Even though I cannot ride tonight, I see today as a recovery time to focus on applying different techniques in the near future. I have been stretching a lot & it has helped me recover and ride at a swift speed.

I have a quiz I should be studying for. I am surrounded in a building with women. Many whom I may see in the same work-force as I in years to come. I guess I might as well get used to the sight. Time to hit the virtual e-books & get the good grades I deserve.




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