Bike-Nerd Talk

*This post will be nothing more than bike ranting.

So I had a really enjoyable Sunday ride with a good friend of mine. Today was Ciclavia, but we ended up not going. My seat post clamp finally broke down on me. Upon getting a new one, and finally being able to ride with the correct saddle height, I feel like I’m riding a new bike. It took about a half hour to get used to, but I love it.

I feel like I get the most efficient power out of my pedal stroke. Climbing is easier, and I feel my entire leg being used. Cornering feel more comfortable too.

Today’s ride

I felt pretty stoked by the scenic sights, and the ease of climbing some pretty steep gradients. Rediscovering that you’re better on a bike then you thought you were is a great feeling. Here’s to many more!






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