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Thursday night’s ride was a lot of fun with the bicy-family and I. Our weekly turnout was a little more sparse than usually, but enjoyable nonetheless. As a change of pace we decided to keep this route flat with only about a thousand feet of climbing over a 40 mile stretch. I was expecting to see a few more, “sprinters” that night, but it had just rained, and a few souls felt uneasy about the possibility of riding in the rain, in cold (55-60 degrees F.) I can understand the cold wea- wait no I take it back. I cannot understand why people didn’t show up using either reason as an excuse.

We as cyclists love talking about new bike equipment or apparel we have recently bought. So that being said, who is going to let a little cold weather bother them when everyone could layer up and not be cold as a result. I personally brought a pair of wool blended arm warmers with some below 60 degree gloves, and a full sleeve jacket just in case. I am proud to say that my jacket never left my jersey pocket. I also ended up putting embrocation on my legs because it says that it covers temperatures that go that low. This was the perfect combination for me seeing as I never took a single article on or off with my setup.

With the rainy weather, I have a few mixed views. My gut instinct refers to Rules 9 & 5. However, I will admit to being more prone to getting flats in the rain so part of me can sympathize with people wishing to stay out of the rain. I can go on and on about countless variables that may or may not apply, but I wont. In the grand scheme of things, I go with my gut and I don’t tend to screw up too bad when I go with it so I’m sticking to it.

Thursday’s Ride

I feel proud of my performance that night. I pulled about 80% of the route, and still managed to keep the pace pretty hot. Everyone (except a silent mechanical) who started the ride ended up finishing, & no one got harmed in the process. In fact, I have been contacted by others about rides that could go on prior to next week’s Bicykillers. I really love these guys. They come out and give it their all. Sometimes their all isn’t enough & sometimes my all isn’t enough, but we co-exist and are motivated by each other’s progress and press on towards the end.

I have a big weekend filled with bikes and schoolbooks. It is getting late for me, and I should be wrapping things up for the night. I hope I can keep this thing more up to date and current as with my tweets.

Here’s to making the best out of the lemons in life


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