The time has come for me to address a nasty habit that I have seen (to be quite honest, my entire life) just in the passed few months, a very strong strain of the big “P” word. I will not be using the word today, since I wish to rule out redundancy.

Too many times have a taken a good opportunity and turned it sour for a familiar feeling I anticipate will bring me a type of joy I have not experienced yet. At first things do appear to be heading this way, but in the end I am always disappointed with redundant emotions. There are a lot of pending tasks on my to-do list and I cannot shake why getting these things done is so difficult. I told myself that it is taking the first step in a productive direction that is by far the most challenging for me. Having said so, I hope that I am able to overcome this task and prevent repetition from spreading.

I try and remind myself that a genuinely new type of pleasure is brought from starting and finishing things at an early point in time. When I see photos of my friends doing great things, I ask myself why am I not out doing great things like winning races, or other above-and-beyond tasks. It is because I am choosing to revisit these familiar pleasure that are less and less pleasurable to me. I really enjoy getting things done in a productive & quick way. This is the new joy I am discovering and am beginning to grow attached to.

I want to go above and beyond. I want to do big things like ride bikes harder and faster, lose weight, finish my school assignments at a comfortable place in time, and do even better on my tests and assignments.This new level is within grasp and I have the drive for it. Some of my friends are able to do this and juggle even more things than I currently am. It is people like this that give me hope & strength within.

The “P” word now feels very dirty to me. I scoff at the sound it makes, and hope that I can correct this bad habit as soon as possible. I have tasks in sight for tomorrow & plan to hit ever point with a lot of effort. I will keep this up for the joy it brings to attain greatness.

“We have greatness within us.”



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