Dear diary,
I have a confession to make:
It’s been about 7 days since the last time I hopped on two wheels. If I continue to eat as if I am riding on a regular basis, I am going to explode. I will admit that most of it is my fault for not taking action in correcting a broken spoke. I am happy to admit that all issues have been corrected, and I am looking forward to hopping back on the steed.

This was both an opportunity to recognize the dreaded “P” word, and a learning experience on how to true my wheel. I now have a goal to successfully build a wheel with all assembly done by hand; my hands. I see this as both a learning experience, and a form of self expression. I see myself setting funds aside for this investment.

I see a painful beginning in getting back on the bike, but the optimistic side of me says that I have been recovering for the passed week and should have little to no trouble getting back to my ways.

Thank you so much for understanding me dairy. I sometimes think you’re the only one that understands me. I look forward to seeing you, or talking, or, writing to you in the future. Right after I ride the bike… Thursday!


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