There is no mistaking the perpetual change in the music everyone listens to. Music is an evolving beast that is very powerful with the potential to move mountains and to move us to extremes. In my lifelong journey of self-discovery. I too have changed, or expanded, my tastes in what I choose to listen to. My appetite has become refined and longing for explanation and emotional motivation.

In the passed two years, I’ve taken a big turn in radio and style preference. I no longer feel like my taste is picky and one sided. Just like my nutritional diet, I have things I will not touch. At the same time, I feel like my pallet has become unique and most enjoyable. I am in a good place right now for many reasons; and music pieces things together for me. I am able to be more descriptive in dissecting new sounds.

The reason I am bringing this up is because with my new eclectic sense of sound, I have noticed that certain music on the radio is sounding better. It very well could be due to the number of hours I spend at work now, but I am convincing myself day by day that more songs and entire albums are made with sustenance and longevity. Going back to the food analogy, there are more filling musical meals being created and they taste great, last a long time, and are very beneficial.

I have growing guilty pleasures on the radio that do not seem to get old with repetition. I have gone so far as to listen to the same songs when I get home, or on my way to whoever life points me. I see a lot symbolization and song meaning a lot easier now. I love the song “Some nights” by the band Fun; there I said it. It is such a powerful song, I am genuinely reminded of the same power that comes with listening to “Bohemian rhapsody.” Today at work, I heard the song and really sang it with a lot of effort. I even started banging on the steering wheel to copy the rhythm of the percussion that carries the song.

A second song I really enjoy listening to that is played on the radio is “Little black submarines” by The black keys. The repetition and simple melodies that the song carries, create strength and encourage a chant that grows and grows as if the song is a rebellious weapon of resistance and defiance. These bands are going to be around for a lot longer than the generic, fast-food artists who are here one day, and gone another.

I can go on and on about music I am listening to. I never thought I would be talking about this, but these emotions need to be let out. I want this trend to continue for as long as possible. We have endured such a low in music quality for a while and are due for a positive crest. That being said, I admit to going back to my comfort zone of heavy, screaming music filled with teen angst and temporary emotions. The best part about that is I am able to no longer get sucked in to that one sided genre. I can listen to that and then to back to the eclectic, moving music that is so new and interesting to me. I want to hold on to this feeling and never let it go.


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