Complainers Know Who They Are

In my recent experiences and self-discovery, I have finally figured out what I want to do with my life when speaking of careers and off-the-clock lifestyles. My plan seems well defined and to-the-point. I am willing to go out of my way and make sacrifices for my long-term goals. I have an idea of the effort I am capable of, and can say with confidence that I see positive results when my head is focused on the prize ahead. That being said, I am by no stretch of the imagination perfect. I, like everyone else in the world have been known to take the easy way out in situations. I am now making an active effort to correct these bad habits.

The more and more self-aware I become, the more I cannot help but get distracted by those around me who’s plans are less defined and are pursued with discipline. This, as mentioned before, distracts me in growing amounts. I get really bothered by those who say they wish to do something, but are not willing to take the more challenging steps to reach whatever it is they long for. I can remember a time before I got the job I currently have, a coworker mentioned how he had thoughts of pursuing a genuine career in the pharmacy profession. Me being the optimist, encouraged his positive efforts, but was then disappointed by his reasoning for why he chose not to follow through with this plan. He said something along the lines of,

“School just seems so long. I don’t want to stay in school that long.”

At the time, I did not quite know how to approach this issue, so I just blindly agreed with him. I now have a genuine ideology to support my new response to statements like this. Yes educating yourself takes a long time. Years upon years are required to get the degree you wish to obtain. That being said, in the grand scheme of things, even if you decide to go to school for six years, you still have a life of over forty years after the educating process has been completed to live your life and be merry. The length of school is no longer a valid excuse in my mind for you to not better yourself no matter what situation you have placed yourself in.

Moving to the present day and time, I am finding that my classmates are starting to feel the difficulties of prerequisites and the troubles they bare. I can sympathize with this completely. Nobody said classes like calculus, chemistry and physiology would be simple. But in the same breath, you knew these obstacles were in your way of your desired major and you still decided to acquire this degree in your specific field of choice. So when I hear others in my classes complaining of how difficult certain concepts are and questioning why we are even taught the material, I immediately play devil’s advocate and push for those same people to consider something more simplistic since they seem unable to handle the challenges ahead. I used to question why prerequisites even existed. Why must we take these other classes? Why can’t we just take the classes that specialize in the job we want? I now know why; to separate those who would like to do things, and those who will do those same things. I am starting to get the educational competitive edge. I want to do well, and after talking with some of the people that are in my classes, I really hope I do not see them in their workplace of choice.

The same thought process goes with cycling. I can go on a very long rant about the issues I have with cycling and cyclists, but I am almost finished with my beer and my writs are beginning to hurt. I will summarize my thoughts by saying that with all the blood sweat tears and money that comes with the world of cycling, I understand why everyone appears obsessed with this way of life. It makes complete sense why everyone surrounds themselves with all that is bikes. All of you cycling fanatics out there in the world, if you feel that no one in the world understand you and your way of life, I understand you. That being said, anything outside of this mindset seems odd to me. With the thousands of dollars that we all spend on components, apparel, and nutritional supplements, why do we not use these to their full functional purpose? We all love to brag about our new stuff we save up for and buy, and then we allow issues to embody our lives and prevent us from using this investment to it’s full potential.

I am still trying to figure this frame of mind out. I have no idea how long it is going to take for me to figure things out. Maybe its the facade that comes with cycling that allows us to let loose and cheat on the true nature that comes with the title. I am not entirely sure. Until then, I am glad I have gotten this out of my system. Results and ongoing thoughts will be added with prompt timing. Until then, take care and consider the things you really want in life. Are we putting enough effort in the things we once felt so passionately about? I look forward to hearing your thoughts and responses on or off the interwebs.



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