The End is Near. The End Looks Good

There are a few ends approaching in my life: The end of the calender year, the end of the semester, the official end to the my first racing season. All of these have, or are currently coming out well. I cannot say that things are getting easier, but the end is approaching, and it looks promising. I look forward to the relief of just having to worry about work and life on the bike once again. I am getting the grades I have striven for. Chemistry has been one of the most difficult classes I have taken so far. I comprehend the material pretty well, and wonder if I have what it takes to possibly major in the subject. These thoughts, just the same as when people tell you

“You know, I’ve been thinking about….”

will remain just that; thoughts. Part of me is glad that it is almost over, and another part (the new chemist personality I have developed) of me is a little sad that I will no longer be taking any classes in this cast field. I have shown above-average comprehension of the subject material through testing and quizzes every week now, and will still remember a good portion of the material long after the class is over.

I bought myself a new set of wheel as a holiday gift to myself (which I had originally intended to write another post separately about) which I am loving. Not only are they a considerable amount lighter, but they do not require inner tubes. This makes climbing up the hills a lot easier, my acceleration easier to wind up, and my cornering feels smoother since I can now run them at a lower tire pressure than conventional road tires. I can admit that lighter wheels are a lot easier to push up hills. With my 25-11 cassette, I am able to stay with the groups on straights & rollers too (I guess my summary didn’t need an entire post.) I need to lose about ten pounds and retain the strength I currently have in order to be in peak physical condition for this upcoming racing season. I have high hopes for next year and intend on upgrading from 4 to 3 and maybe even join a team. Some of my friends seem to be out of shape & with one of the holidays passed, I can admit I too have gotten heavier.

With the end of the calender year, comes hopes and wishes for the approaching year. I cannot even begin to speculate on what I intend to do. Wait, yes I can. I will be finishing up the majority of my prerequisites for school, and racing bikes. This is going to occupy almost all of my time, but I am up for the challenge. A few of my classmates were saying how when they finished, they would go so far as to travel out of state to get into a nursing program that had less of a wait then those here in California. I too might go this route and consider it a traveling opportunity if the money is where it needs to be.

I had a rough day at work on Sunday. Got to work a 24-hour shift and only got about 3 hours of broken sleep through out the entire shift that panned out passed the time we were off. I was supposed to work another shift shortly afterwards, but since my partner called out, my shift got cancelled. This at first was a little upsetting since I was still willing to go back to work in my tired state, and my partner had the nerve to not show up to work. My body however, was very thankful that I got time to rest and relax. I cannot believe how fast I feel asleep once I got in bed. Looking back, as long as I continue to stick with the mental preparation of the likelihood of not getting any real sleep, I can function in a better mood than if I thought things were going to be slow and be rudely awaken. Patient care goes right out the window once we become mentally unprepared for what is ahead.

I intend to just keep swimming (or pedaling in my case) and ride this challenging wave all the way to the end of the semester, and the end to a year of self- discovery and understand.


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