Not-so Calm Before the Storm

As many of you may know either directly or indirectly, the end of another academic semester is approaching. I for one cannot wait until the final tests come. When I say that, I do not wish for the day to come sooner. I am patiently awaiting, and will honestly miss the classes I have taken. All of the classes (Bio, chem & psych) I am taking are going to be passed with average and above average grades.

I am confident that I will end the awaited chemistry semester with an above average grade. There is a lot of extra credit up for grabs for this final test and I will be claiming it.  This has been one of the most time consuming classes, but I have retained the most from this class so far as I have from previous classes. Despite what my classmates may say, my professor has done an excellent job in intriguing me towards that field. He has taught with a lot of detail and although things may feel accelerated, I am up for the challenge. I see this as a preview for the upcoming nursing semesters at an accelerated university I have decided to enroll in.

Right now I am in the studying process (at work) and am touching up on the subjects we have already gone over. We will be tested on electrolytes, acids & bases, and gases & the laws that they must follow. Understanding of the concepts helps a tremendous amount with the smaller questions that are asked. My professor emphasizes conceptual grasp a great deal and I can now see why. I try and explain what concepts I am going over with my co-workers and the teaching process helps in determining whether or not I know what I am talking about. This reminds back in high school wrestling when we thought we had learned a new move, the coach would have us teach the rest of the class saying that, “If you know it, you can teach it.”

I hope that my studies keep me from being overwhelmed by the thought that I may not get sleep at work tonight. I am working with a paramedic today and work likes to save pairs like us for more severe calls since my partner is allowed to start IV’s and push drugs if need be.

This is the most positive I’ve felt around finals time in a long time. Why haven’t I felt this good at all my other ending semesters? Could it be due to the fact that my time in a community college is approaching it’s end and that I am finally getting closer to more job-related academic training? As I may have mentioned before. I am looking forward to the time when all I have to worry about is work, and my socioeconomic lifestyle. School however enjoyable it may be is only temporary and will eventually turn into one less thing I have to worry about. I am on the trail to becoming a big-boy and doing big-boy things. One step closer to being that much more independent and learning even more about myself as a human being.



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