Just Another Day

Today was an incredibly average day at work. If you’re looking for ridiculous stories of blood, guts and glory, this is not for you.

Both my partner and I have spent most of our shift right here in the greater Los Angeles area. None of our patients died today (as far as we know,) we made it on time for the majority of our calls, and neither of us had ride, foul-smelling patients to deal with.

On the brighter side of things, we actually had time in our long 10+ hour work day to post in a general area, and admire some local views in the area




Everyone enjoys the experience of getting to save someone’s life, but sometimes it is good to stop and enjoy the scenery in the beautiful city we live in.

Although I have not left the state in my life, I can say with confidence that I love the city I am from. There may be others like it, but this one holds a very close place right in the ticker. As much as I love Los Angeles, the good and the bad, I cannot wait until I am able to comfortably travel in one day to find little treasures such as these in my journeys.

I can find an area to gather my thoughts, and put a new focus on whatever it is I am engaged in right now.

The fact that I came here on duty, my thoughts focused towards work, and some realizations I have found. One big one is that EMT’s who work in IFT companies grow “soft” after so long. If you become content with what you are doing and decide to plateau (either momentarily or permanently) your skills grow dull and you lose the ability to perform required job tasks when things matter most. We all like to sit and think that we save lives, but if you ask an EMT who has worked long enough at a company that normally does not deal with emergency scenarios on a daily basis, chances are he or she may not be as sharp in doing what it takes to stabilize and secure those who need immediate care. We need to stay hungry, and keep things fresh in our minds. We need practice, whether at home or at work, and we need to work on efficiency and time management to stay swift on our toes. Those who are able to perform all these tasks are what separate the weak from the strong. Those select few will be genuinely successful in life.

I think I’ll step down from my two ton soap box, and get back to work. Or on our case, focus on getting back to station and finally getting off on time.



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