Yesterday, having come back from a fun two-day break visiting the Mrs. I decided I wanted to ride bikes and my normal Wednesday morning ride had already passed by. It was then I figured I could simply ride at night instead. Back when I was a little more flexible with which days I was able to ride, I used to ride with a lot of friends out in the street of Silverlake, koreatown, and all over Los Angeles. I decided to join some friends old and new to ride and check out some scenic Christmas tree decorations in the streets of Alta Dena.

Everyone’s big concern was about the weather and potential lows that would come with it (in the 30’sF.) Now everyone loves to mention how it is only sunny in California and that we as Californians do not experience real seasons. I couldn’t disagree more. Right now we have snow in our mountains, gloomy clouds in our skies, and a very suiting autumn slew of colors in our trees. Having felt confident about my layering technique, I was ready to face whatever mother nature had to dish out. I came with, arm warmers, a jacket, thick gloves, and I put some embrocation on my legs because I have realized that I do not like covering my legs when I ride.

It felt nice reacquainting with old friends and eventually making new ones by the end of the night. We all had a similar mindset of, ” we are all here, lets ride bikes and try to not get too cold.” There was no mistaking how cold it got yesterday night (the average temp was around 40-45F) but with a swift pace and minimal photo-opp stops, we stayed as warm as we possibly could. I for one did not remove or really wish to add another article to what I currently had on. I felt pleased with myself and my ability to keep warm. That being said, I do remember bringing a cycling cap for good measure; just in case things got really cold (like leg/ knee warmers, I rarely wear caps in fear of overheating.)

My route for Wednesday: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/253053858

We saw a lot of well done houses with brightly colored lights that looked like it took days to decorate considering the sizes of the houses.

Christmas lights on top of Christmas lights.
Christmas lights on top of Christmas lights.

We all were there to have a good time, and a good time was had. I would strongly consider coming back in future weeks to join these guys. It’s not about going as fast as humanly possible. Although swift paces were kept at times, that was not our main priority by any stretch of the imagination.

The time has come now for me to conclude this post. Noon is approaching and I would like come coffee before I start my day off.



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