Emotional Cyclist

A common question we often ask each other is, “How are you?/ How was your day today?” Most of the time we have our priorities together in such a way that we are able to respond with confidence, “Fine/ well,” or “good.” I would like to think that in my coming of age I have become more aware and more in control of my emotions. I don’t feel as though I have been mentally aware of previous situations and what was currently going on, and I acted out as a result. Having recently suggested by a co-worker that I need to take time to really discover what things are worth more attention, and what things can be handled with less stress and heartache, I find myself more aware of how I wish to react and how I will react. The reason I am mentioning this is because at face value I’ve had a “mellow and fine” day, but emotionally it has been a bit of a roller-coaster.

On Saturday I attended one of the last Simi rides of the year. Everything was going according to plan (I still find that I did well after binge drinking the night before) until towards the last climb I switched chainrings and snapped my rear hanger. I would include photos in this post, but I was to nervous for the overall diagnosis to share with friends. Having just recently registered for two races, a hotel room, and new bars, I was trying to keep the inevitable devastation prolonged for as long as possible. My chain had wrapped in circles around my cassette and I was unable to ride from that point forward. Thankfully, one of the support cars for the ride managed to scoop me up, and I ended up getting a ride back home.

From Saturday afternoon, to right now (Sunday night) I have been a real worrier. I tried my best to diagnose my bike in hopes that no real expensive repairs were needed. I ended up taking it to about three shops so they could contribute a little to their repairs, and just now have everything back to the way it was, or as close to it as possible. The end damage turned out to be:

  1. A rear hanger
  2. A severely bent chain
  3. A slightly bent rear derailleur

My hanger and chain have been replaced, and adjustments have been made so that I am able to shift into all my gears with ease. I will still be racing this coming weekend, and hope to get some killer results. The entire repair process has been emotionally draining and has had me reflecting as I always do.

Usually when we feel sick, or have car trouble, it affects our mood through out the rest of the day(s.) The same seems to go for bikes as well. The worst part of it is the fact that my bike stays in my room. So I have to look at the damaged goods that my bike has become, and I am unable to fully diagnose, or fix the damages I have caused. Make all the first world problems joke you want, but I felt pretty bummed out for the past day or so. Today was a very nice, bright, sunny, not so windy day too, but I couldn’t seem to appreciate it knowing I had a bike out of commission. One of the worst feelings is not knowing how long the repairs will take. Whether or not special parts need to be ordered, or if it is something a shop has laying around.

Now that everything is fixed, and there are no more small ticks or rattles (which are real mind-killers) going on with the bike, I will be riding to work tomorrow with confidence, knowing that if I have a terrible day and/or week, at least I know my bike is functioning properly. I wanted to share this emotional weekend I have had since I was unable to appreciate the other little things that came about with the day. All is said and done, and I am due for a good night’s rest. Take care and I look forward to some race results by the end of next weekend.


P.S: These are the Simi ride results (http://connect.garmin.com/activity/264442823)


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