DFJ Goes to Vegas

With the time I have left in between classes, I will share my experiences I had over the weekend with the world.

This passed weekend was either a late Valentine’s day, or an early presidents day for some of us to celebrate. I picked the more romantic of the two and ventured off to a place everyone under the legal drinking age wishes to go; Las Vegas. If I could sum Vegas up in seven words of less, I would call it, “Pinocchio’s Pleasure Island.” You know, that place Pinocchio goes where all the children have no boundaries, smoke cigars, drink booze, and eat all the candy in the world.

If you are unfamiliar with the view, this is Pleasure Island

A place where all the boys went and did big-boy things; that is Vegas in a nutshell.

We ended up arriving sometime around noon on Friday to check-in at the beautiful Cesar’s Palace.

Hotel view
Hotel view

I wish I would have taken more photos of the inside of our hotel. Instead, this will suffice.


A lot of firsts happened this weekend: First trip to Vegas as legal adults, first trip out of state (although Nevada is entirely too close to call traveling,) and first stay in a nice hotel. Both the world traveler and I were amazed at the size of our room and all the amenities that were included. For her to mention what a nice hotel this was is saying something. She has been all around the world and has been in and out of her fair share of hotels.  Not much was said during our time here indoors. A lot of thoughts were conceived; thoughts wondering if this is what being a grown-up is like. Is this how happy and successful couples live? This is the closest I have ever felt to the phrase,

“Living the dream.”

There was more than enough space for both of us, we had a huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi bath, shower, and enough sink space for two women’s makeup kits and clothes. We were both very sad when we had to leave. This is arguably one of our favorite moments of the entire stay.

When it came time to finally get out and roam the streets, neither of us knew what to expect except from what we heard from our parents and friends. Vegas is kind of like a theme park. Hundreds of people coming from all over the world to see sights, and enjoy themselves. To add to that, there is alcohol and different altering substances everywhere. If gluttony had an address, it would be on the Vegas strip. People during all hours of the day had drinks in their hands. Not a single person was advising the other to behave themselves, or threaten to cut them off of the drinks they had. Perhaps we saw the more tame version of Pleasure Island, the kind where people don’t become belligerent and make everyone else uncomfortable (we certainly weren’t looking for that experience during our stay.)

Aside from every corner store and restaurant selling alcohol, nearly every place to eat had beef on the menu. Pleasure Island must not very pleasurable for the bovines. Which made me wonder where they get all there beef from. Every type of cut imaginable was either at one place or another. At least very little was wasted in this city within a desert. I can imagine a cow being placed in the middle of the road and having the people there tearing it apart and maybe leaving some bones behind, but not many since someone is always finding ways to spruce up his or her menu with “bone marrow this” or another exotic way to present a less desirable part of the cow.

Despite hotels being walking distance from each other within a five mile radius, the owners of hotels don’t really cater to “hotel-hopping” although that is what everyone ends up doing. With all the hotel resorts and casinos we visited, I cannot remember how many times I saw Prada, Coach, D&G and all the other high-end fashion icons of the world in each one. Hotels have to present all of these things to get you to stay and spend money in their own location.IMG_0538

There was a lot of repetition, and by the end of the night, I was over it. People of all shapes, sizes and classes come to Vegas for the experience and atmosphere of being able to do or buy nearly whatever they want and whatever time of the day. This disorients someone such as myself; you never know when it’s time to put the drink down, or to pick up another once you’re finished.

I saw a real ugly side of Pleasure Island I wasn’t ready to see. The naive person I was imagined a utopia of people where everyone was happy, and no one showed signs that they were struggling inside or outside. No one really tells you about the panhandlers of Vegas, frankly because they like the rest of us try our best to make the public struggle of others’ mishaps as transparent as possible. Wherever there is happiness and prosperity, there will always be those who try to go about prospering in a less desirable way along with it. I was reminded of feeding the transient on Thanksgiving as I saw an older black lady with missing teeth cringe after taking another drink of her potent liquor she begged others for money so she could buy. A little piece of me felt unclean inside. It made me question whether I really belonged here, or if I should be trying to better those around me. I decided to put those thoughts on the back-burner and make the best out of the time I had on Pleasure Island.

Negative thoughts aside, it was very easy to get caught up in enjoying one’s self on Pleasure Island. There were still decoration inside of all the hotels celebrating the Chinese New Year.IMG_0541

To make a long story short, we got to see the inside of many hotels, posed for a few photos, and ate well, but by no means pigged out.IMG_0559

On top of the Eiffel Tower
On top of the Eiffel Tower
In front of the Eiffel Tower
In front of the Eiffel Tower

IMG_0554 IMG_0548

"Hey, don't do that!"
“Hey, don’t do that!”
Big and Shiny
Big and Shiny

Once the night was said and done, many drinks were consumed, a lot of walking was involved, and we all slept happily ever after.

Waking up in a large hotel after a night of partying was really the icing on the cake. With a leftover beer in hand, and no real plans for the day, we tried to soak in the pleasure of a life that may soon become tangible.

When it came time to leave, we said goodbye to our hotel room, bye to the gigantic bathroom, and checked out over the television. From there, we continued to sight-see, got to see the shark reef at the aquarium in the Mandalay Bay, and proceeded to head home afterwards.IMG_0565 IMG_0569 IMG_0570 IMG_0573 IMG_0576 IMG_0577 IMG_0584 IMG_0586 IMG_0589

Vegas, you leave me very confused inside. Next to the chain-smokers smelling up the casinos and transients in faded Halloween costumes asking for money to pose with them, we left on good terms. When considering what an Island within a desert you are, I can see why so many people come back and re-live lives of zero boundaries and genuine freedom to pollute one’s body and mind. You have very nice hotels, overpriced food, and we have never slept so well in our lives.IMG_0536Sincerely,





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