A Moment of Silence

Last week a had the chance to be a part of a work-related standby event. Seeing as a long time has passed since I got to work such an event, I jumped on the opportunity in a hurry. Working standby events is one of the many perks that come with work life. For the most part, it is you and your partner standing/ sitting around making sure no one gets her. Not necessarily babysitting, just supervising for safety purposes.

As you arrive to the event, you begin to think about the equipment you may need to use and should have ready at all times. I felt confident with myself and my partner at the time (which I normally don’t feel so trustworthy with other newer coworkers.)

As we arrived, we were informed that the event we were standing by for was a stationary bicycle fundraising exercise event. I became flooded with preconceptions once we arrived to where the event was taking place at the equinox gym in Westwood. I thought to myself, “Oh joy, a bunch of upper-class white people wearing the highest quality clothing, riding in place, listening to top 40 hits, on a beautiful Saturday.” The good news is that the event began at 6am which meant we would be getting off at a reasonable hour. But until then, the hour was upon us and the enduring began.

Usually ambulance standby events are held outdoors, and gives us an opportunity to catch up on whatever social life or obligation we have outside of work; or to simply sleep if we had a late night. Since this was indoors, we were forced to stay on the third floor of a noisy gym and watch people get hot and sweaty. To the gym’s credit, it resembled that of a hotel spa. My partner and I realized right away that this would be the only setting that we would have the chance to enter such an establishment. The amenities were very sophisticated. From a washer and dryer you could run right before you hoped in the shower, to a shoe-shining machine to polish your shoes after you’ve shaved, and pampered yourself with lush couches and a big screen TV.

Getting back to the event, I managed to get this shot which pretty much sums up our experience.

Rich white people riding bikes indoors
Rich white people riding bikes indoors

Many people might see this as a utopia for cute girls and guys but it turned out to be just the opposite for me. Yeah there was a lot of skin being shown and there were a lot of attractive people who were in good shape and I can presume had great personalities, but I didn’t want to have anything to do with them on a social level (unless it came to work-related issues.) If I had been the same flirtatious person I was six months ago, I would have loved hanging out there; but I am not. For about ten hours there was were loud pop music being played that resembled a nightclub (only it was the middle of the day.) I wish I could have taken a picture of my partner and I sitting in the corner, looking at our textbooks we brought to study by ourselves. It totally felt like a high school dance, but we were content and wouldn’t have done anything differently except taking turns napping in our rig.

There were no serious injuries for the entire event. A few cramps from the inexperienced athletes, and a few boo boos from making bike adjustments. This event was more of an experience that made me realize that my attraction for the things I cannot have is almost gone altogether. The significant lover has been gone for a week now and I continue to stay inside my hermit shell counting the days until her return. Even though she is gone, I still find myself staying at home, not interacting with others I normally do, and conversing with coworkers and classmates about work/school related topics. I agree that part of the problem comes from within in my rejection to interact. It is a selfish emotion that tells me that since I have a content circle, what do I need to interact with others for? This girl standing here is very pretty and although I am attracted to her physically, I have no intention whatsoever to talk and start the get-to-know-you conversation; I’m too lazy.

To recap, I got to go to standby to watch upper-class folks of Westwood spend the entire day indoors looking outside at what a beautiful day had gone by and pedal in place. My eyes and actions no longer wonder adrift into promiscuous habits and although it may leave me feeling lonely, I am content with that. It is experiences like these that I still enjoy what I do for work and do not consider myself burned-out just yet. There is still a lot to learn, and the fruit that is work life still has some life left and keeps me coming back.

A Moment of Silence




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