The Next Step is Approaching

As I return to a once familiar setting of typing up new cognitive discoveries and experiences, I have come across ironic news. I am slowly growing tired of the school setting. To be most specific, I am growing tired of the community college setting. Community college is not mean to last longer than three years time. If one commits to the curriculum and all classes are readily available in the intersessions, one would be leaving in no longer than two years. Given my living and working situation I have stayed an extended amount of time in this setting and now have a very developed mindset for this type of facilitation.

In the long-run of things, I am making a very smart decision by not burying myself in debt by going through the community college route by which the citizens of the country (including myself) contribute financially to the education of those less economically fortunate. Having spent so much time in this type of setting and attending multiple campuses, I have seen a lot of different personality types and more similar types that I care to admit. That is what the bulk of this post is about; the stereotypical generalization I have discovered on the college setting.

I have met many people in the school setting and one of the first questions I follow up with after I ask what someones major is, is what type of job do they hope to get with said major. However there are a few more broad majors like psychology and liberal arts, or history that leave me a little puzzled and curious. Once people describe to me the specific type of field they wish to join, I can make my own judgement decisions from there. It’s the one’s who don’t really know what they want to do with their lives that make me nervous. Just the same as those who know what they want to do, but should be picking a new job field entirely. There was one point in time where I questioned why students were given prerequisites and not just given specific job training. Having seen the many willing but unable bodies, I now know why these classes exist. Sure you may want to become a nurse, but if you can’t grasp concepts like chemistry, anatomy, or physiology, what good are you when the time comes to think on your feet and use the background knowledge you’ve learned to apply to giving medications that meet specific criteria. I am convinced that prerequisites are there to weed out those who simply want to do something, and those who will do that someone they strive for.

I am growing tired of those who are still taking college level algebra for the second or third time that wish to become accountants. One of my greater fears is entering a bike race feeling one-hundred percent and not having what it takes to even stay with the pack because at that exact moment I know I will no longer be able to continue with my goals in racing. When it comes to the academic setting, people don’t grasp this concept. There are a lot of people who waste government money taking classes over and over on a major they may or may not be best suited for them. I try and not think about this too much because then the cynic takes hold and my mood becomes ruined.

Just today in class a student mentioned how she witnessed a fatal traffic collision and asked why the firefighters began placing these wires with pads on the end of them and how it related to our subject at hand. The question was within relative means of our topic of nerves and there functions for our anatomy class. Since the class in titled, “Introduction to anatomy,” not all physiological questions can be answered. The question isn’t what got me wound up, it was the student that attempted to answer the question that almost made me leave the room. A fellow EMT attempted to answer this student’s question by applying what he has learned from work experience to relate to class matters. This would have been fine if he had just stuck with answering the question she asked. Instead he goes on and on about policies and medical guidelines that were totally irrelevant to the simple question she asked. I’ve seen students do this time and time again and it’s attempts like this that bring out the cynic in me. He clearly was unable to fully acknowledge the question and provide a concise answer. Anyone who has taken English 101 knows how important it is to stay on topic whether it be a written or a verbal discussion. This question could have easily been answered in no more than two sentences instead of six to eight.

I am so glad that I have only one more semester of this setting, then it is off to the career training I have taken all of these classes, and shown that I have what it takes for the education and overall job. Community college can be an excited but depressing setting. The other day I looked up that my school has an 18% graduation rate. I laughed when I saw this, and having taken many classes here I know it is not the campus but the people that made this possible.

If I could provide any advice for future college attendees it would be to value the class time you do end up having. Classes do get canceled every once in a while which is perfectly normal. It’s the wishing for a class to be cancelled that should come as a red flag to you and those around you. You may or may not be paying for classes with money out of your own pocket. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in your success. You’ve paid to have that class time from start to finish. Wishing professors would end class early is simply a waste of money on your behalf. Try not to surround yourself with people with this personality types. They will drag you down and you will suffer as a result. Helping people is fine and keeps you on your toes. It is excessive amounts of assistance for people who clearly do not understand the subject matter that do not deserve your time and energy. Lastly, take every opportunity you can to leave the community college setting as soon as possible. Statistics show that people who start community college will end up dropping out. It takes constant drive to finish something as strenuous as that. You do not have all the time in the world and not nearly as many opportunities. When the going gets tough for me, I think of where I have come from and where I hope to avoid to keep me going through the more bland material. 

As usual, I am greeted with great relief getting most of my thoughts out on to a medium I approve of. I’ve been having a lot of dreams and inner struggles lately that I haven’t appointed time to vent out through typed word. I hope that this leads to a healthier trend of therapeutic writing and storytelling. As always, I look forward to hearing thoughts and concerns from everyone who chooses to read my thoughts. I hope to hear from you all soon.



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