Looking Ahead

As the academic semester approaches an end, I look forward to another successful four months, along with prospects for the future. I will be finishing my classes with above-average grades, and have regained my once lost fitness after a fall on the bike about five weeks ago. School is becoming more and more challenging but my continuing interest in the subject material, and ability to apply what I have learned in a more frequent non-classroom setting makes retention a lot easier. When listening to other classmates long for as much time as possible to work in our class lab and in our tutoring center, I ask myself why is so much time required to learn the material? Perhaps it is because they are taking the class for the second time and want the best grade possible to justify their existence. Or there is always the crowd that “doesn’t get it.” I have not used our school’s tutoring center a single time, not taken a single photo or video of our models and lectures and have gotten adequate grades as a result. I am not trying to toot my own horn, I always wondered why people acted the way they did. I barely look at the notes I take once I am done writing them because I know that I will not go back to them again. That’s just me and the strange way I function.

This past Sunday was a race which my team & I attended. To make a long story short, I felt really good, and rode well. I didn’t get a glorious victory but instead I continue to learn the tactics of the road race. There feels like a learning curve since every other rider likes to mention what their coach has them doing on a weekly basis. Just like my studying technique, I tend to go with the flow of things on the bike as well. My more veteran teammates are giving me a lot of helpful advice and I am able to see the big picture that is bike racing. Just like I tell coworkers that know nothing about bikes,

“It’s not about going as fast as possible for as long as possible.”

When finally incorporating the flow of the peloton and the lack of flow that lies within the middle of the pack, continuous focus must be paid or else you will find yourself wondering how you ended up towards the back of the race with five laps to go. Having finally grasped this and reaching a once familiar level of fitness without an obstacle like a crash, I am finding more confidence in my riding.

Since the semester is almost over, I get to go back to my work, cycling, and social life schedule which I find mentally relaxing. I long for the point in my life where these three things are permanently all that I have to worry about. The breaks in semesters are nice, but the lingering thought of having to return to school can be a drag. I keep telling myself that this life of academia is only temporary and will eventually end.

A lot has been going through my head, and I must find a point in which to start to organize my thoughts to get that sense of liberation and relief. I write this with the promise to follow up with more events concerning my life both good and bad. Things have not been easy & I find myself going back and forth from happy to emotionless states. Recent successes have left me feeling a little more emotional than usual. What with the self-discovery and summer approaching, I see a lot to look forward to and hope to share it with you all. Until next time.



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