Trapped in the middle of a Henry Rollins Sunday, I have time to reflect on the weekend coming to a close. In fact these passed weekends have been eventful and enjoyable. I’ve felt like someone of my age group, going out on Friday nights. Alcohol has been an influence to my recent pleasures but do not see this as a complaint of any kind.

Just today, I caught an early morning ride with my good friend Lee in the Santa Monica Mountains. We got a good paced three hour ride, and rendezvoused at a new coffee shop/ restaurant / bike shop/ bar. Much to our surprise, we came across our good friends during our ten am eight percent beers and talked of friends, and the future ahead. There was a real home-like vibe going around. No weird alienation from being the only two guys in lycra strolling around a nice looking place. I am convinced that early morning rides are worth getting up for. I find my stomach is fitting into my kit a little easier now (a sign I am returning to the correct race weight.)  Riding an aggressive cassette has been challenging these few weeks, but it forces me to keep the momentum going up the hills, or else I start to get knee pain. I can’t wait to get my wheels back from the shop I ordered them from. It has been about two weeks and with the holiday weekend, I’m sure I have been delayed on delivery. There is a race coming up in a week in memorial for a good friend of the cycling community who died during a bike race on Memorial day. A lot can be said about him, to keep things short, I didn’t know him very well, but (for some strange reason) I can sympathize with his passing away. He will be missed, and as far as I know, he lived a good life and didn’t have very many enemies. My team is starting to gather more members in my race category which makes me excited for upcoming opportunities to work together and get some serious results this season. That is about all that is going on with my in my world of cycling.

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday, and for our belated celebration I took her and her kids to Elysian Park. My mom doesn’t get out much. She has lived in Los Angeles all her life, and has never been to places like Elysian Park, or Universal Studios before. Everyone enjoyed themselves without needing a formal setting with fancy clothes and food. We kept things very low maintenance and we all can appreciate a view of downtown Los Angeles. The June gloom is beginning to show itself, but we have all seen southern California on a bright and shiny day, it accounts for about eighty percent of our year.

Going out on Friday nights has been an exciting experience for me. Not in the same way the majority of the population gets excited for.  I think that most people see the weekend as an opportunity to let all their worries and insecurities go for a few days, and get obnoxious by unbottling pent up feelings through mediums like alcohol and other mind-altering substances. I on the other hand see it as a voyeuristic opportunity to spectate the population and the decisions they make. So what if I am judgemental to others. Everyone judges everyone, whether we are aware of it or not. I keep my thoughts to myself, and to my inner circle of friends, not influencing the individual in any way, shape or form. You live your life, I will live mine. We have opinions about each other, and that’s all right with me.

This week, the realization that the school semester is over will finally set in. I have picked up a few shifts for work, but I already know that I am going to be caught off guard when I have entire days not devoted to studying or waiting for class to end to run errands.  Perhaps with this free time, I will be able to keep up with writing down my thoughts and doing other productive things like returning letters my uncle sends me from jail. My two friends are in San Francisco now riding in the ALC event all the way down to Los Angeles. Today was day 1 of their adventure, I wish them a safe and fun trip. I hear from everyone who has completed it that they come back very tired, but very strong in future rides.

Another weekend is in the books. I see upcoming weeks and weekends being pleasant and enjoyable. If anyone wants to know how I am doing, in a nutshell, I am having fun.



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