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Why do we as Angelinos love the view of the city? The other day I took my mom to Elysian park to be a son for a day with the children and have a good Sunday afternoon. One reason I am head over heels for this place is because it has a breathtaking view of downtown . I can remember going there at night on a fast-paced group ride and was shocked at how nice the city looked from a distance. Despite the clouds and June gloom, this is a photo from this past Sunday.

Elysian Park
Elysian Park

Not the best photo, but a great place to reflect, or get kinky if you’re into that type of exposure. The questions still filled my head and got me thinking. Is it what is in those buildings that makes the view so desirable? Why are corporate establishments so pleasing to the eye? Perhaps it’s the combination of the urban city with the spacious skies and surroundings of greenery in between. I cannot recall a time when I ever wanted to work in that type of congested area, whether it be a job or a career. However I can remember driving with my folks through chinatown and through the arts district to go shopping and had could never find the words to describe how I felt. It’s not even like the heckling with merchants and acquiring new clothes or toys is what made me happy at the time. It felt more like simply being in the area at that given point in time was all I needed. Almost like a magnetic bond to be near the city.

In the present day and time, I am driving up and down the 110 freeway for work and two thoughts come into my head most often.

“I cannot imagine driving here five days a week.” “This place is pretty.”

This confliction to this day still confuses the hell out of me. What about this congested artery of a city keeps people living here. Just last night we had to drive through the Staples center right after a Kings game ended. Right away I knew there was going to be a ton of traffic, but never got to experience first hand what the vast majority of our population do on nights like these and how they behave. I would be lying if the cynic inside me didn’t appear and share his two cents about our society and where we are headed. Major metropolitan areas seem to fascinate me. Although experiences like getting caught in traffic happen nearly every day (which I need to devote a separate post to get all my thoughts out on) we still continue to live through that on an average of three to five days a week.

Android 104

I’ve never wanted to be some hotshot CEO in my entire life, nor do I ever want to be. I am just developing political opinions on where I think we as a general population should be headed towards, but I cannot see myself striving for some major office title. I have fed the homeless on skid row and as humbling of an experience that is, I would only be able to do that a handful of times in my life. The people who work in those big beautiful buildings have more money than sense and in no way would I ever want to shape myself into that. I would love to visit the big buildings such as the library and city hall as nothing more than a citizen.

Something about industrialization with close-quarters architecture gets me excited. Something about having the city and the rural hilltops all within a fifty mile radius makes me not want to leave. This magnetic force is strong and I hope one day I can figure out what it is that is behind such a force. Maybe other people have a better understanding than I do. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, I’ll be sharing them with those around me.




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