Spread Yourself Thin

Summer is approaching it’s end. When I say that, I am referring to the academic semester is about to begin. From the upcoming subject material and instructors, to the larger transition into a school that will begin career based training once all the prerequisites are finished. There is a lot to look forward to, and a lot to look back upon; mainly, all the fun I’ve had over this summer. Between racing bikes, recovering from injuries I’ve received, to exploring Los Angeles, going to free concerts and enjoying good company. I didn’t think I could dance until these recent months. As I await the upcoming semester, I am doing my best to think and to plan ahead both inside and outside the academic setting.

A few weeks ago, I’ve decided that my current racing season was at it’s end and that I would wait until next year to get back out there (“there” being the race setting) again. This means I can ride recreationally again which has been a long awaited feeling of mine. When thinking of what my goals for the next racing season will be, I decided that I want to be a part of more road and stage races breaking apart from the usual flat courses. This has sparked another interest of mine. I tell myself that if I want to better in that setting, I need to cut back on post-ride beers and large meals that make me sluggish both in & out of the bike setting.

For the past week, I’ve been trying to cut back on my portions and weighing myself about three to four times a day, ( before and after my ride, and usually after meals.) This has started a mild obsession with my future potential on the bike. What separates these thoughts from that of someone with an eating disorder (anorexia) is I am making sure I am covering the same nutritional bases as if I ate whatever I wanted. This reminds me of when I first cut meat out of my diet. The constant thinking required when it came to what my next meal was. Portion control teaches you when your body is genuinely hungry and needs (not wants) food. Combining this with resisting the temptations of pigging-out make all the efforts worthwhile when I step on the scale. My stomach hasn’t been 100% full since I started, but I am beginning to realize that that’s normal. Bored and late-night meals gained a lot of control over me. This lead to my eating schedule being thrown off, and going extended amounts of time without having a sustainable meal.

I have been climbing a lot more, and taking the pace just outside my comfort zone. No high intensity riding for a while. Just enough to get my body to start burning the fat as fuel, instead of the muscle. That & I am replenishing my proteins before and after whatever physical activity I do. I am less sore, and my hunger is controlled, giving me more control over overeating. I feel mentally sharper and more focused. Rarely do I have that gloomy, lethargic feeling from having large meals which has lead to less naps. Unless I have been out in the sun all day. I have been watching my muscle composition to make sure the weight I am losing is mostly from fat.

That’s enough dieting talk for one day. Case & point: I want to be thin, it’s tough but feels exhilarating, I am loving the results, & I am beginning to plan ahead for success.



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