Night Shift cont.

Now that my first night shift is over, a lot has happened in between those last three hours and how the rest of my day went. When looking at everything I wrote down, I had the right idea. However my delivery was far from a success. This being my first time, like all things, involves practice for success.

That night I followed through with my yoga poses, and my meditation. This took all of one hour and felt beneficial. My head was in the right place and I had hopes of following through the night sleepless. I ended up running out of tasks to do, and in my boredom my body decided maybe a little shut-eye wont kill me. This threw a monkey wrench in my entire operation. Once I had gotten a little bit of genuine sleep, I might as well had been a weary traveler in the desert who just found his oasis of water. My body gave in and I found it next to impossible to stay awake for the final two hours of my shift. I was counting the minutes as they went by which seemed like someone squeezed four more minutes for every one passing by. In between the intermittent naps, my eyes began to dry and I was finding myself settling in the most uncomfortable positions in an act of desperation of the sweet sensation of sleep.

Time went by and I eventually finished out my shift without sleeping through any important phone calls, and was able to function when woken up in the middle of the night, not sounding like an incoherent mess. I left work and made it home to immediately head straight into bed for the next three hours. From there I am convinced I had woken up in the sleep cycle that leaves you paralyzed to keep you from acting out whatever dreams you may have. Needles to say no dreams were had (I figured I was too fatigued to expand on any subconscious thoughts in sleep,) and I awoke after multiple attempts. School was a bit of a drag, but I took one more nap in between classes and was back to normal (whatever normal means.)

Since then, I am re-evaluating my strategy, in hopes that I can make it through that final stretch of time at the end of my shift. If I give myself enough tasks, and stay on my low-energy activities, I will be just fine. Just like dieting, you body is able to adapt to different circumstances and go without for extended amounts of time. How I plan on timing my sleep patterns is another task in it of itself. It sounds like a trial an error experiment is at hand, and will be figured out within the next two weeks. Some consistent music through the night will help. School work might require a little more mental activity than I may be willing to invest at such a late hour. Perhaps if I do that in the early evening, I wont feel so guilty for being a sloth in the night. The empty night is a good time for reflecting on inner thoughts. More time to write things down and clear my head. I don’t eat as much when I am up so late. It feels like both mental and physical dieting which reminds me of the quote, “You can always be thinner, look better.”

Tomorrow night I go back into the cave in hopes of a more successful night. Wish me luck. Other thoughts and perspectives are appreciated.



One thought on “Night Shift cont.

  1. If I start my day with a smoothie with berries + some veggie I tend to have a lot of energy for the day. Any berry would do whether in its natural form or a smoothie.

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