Common Threads

Work and social life are usually two separate categories. This is unfortunate, but given the distance our staff commutes to come to work, I can understand why others don’t hang out outside of work. Sometimes we are able to bridge that gap between work and life outside of work. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. At this point of self discovery, when I am able to find something I have a genuine and logical opinion on I feel more whole. To take that unique emotion and expand it by finding others who feel the same as you is a feeling that is hard to compare.

Just last night I made a connection with a co-worker about things other than work. We didn’t find a new way to build the wheel or figure out where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego, but a connection was made. Over the past few years, I’ve grown quite attached to local radio programming (KCRW in particular.) Between their news excerpts from NPR, and local music and events, they have helped me grow as an individual. Having recognized this, I hold them close to my personal identity. When I found out this co-worker was planning on getting others to go to an event this weekend for a free concert from Big Black Delta, I had to have a conversation with him to make sure this relationship had potential to be genuine and not like any other work relationship where one person tolerates others without fully expressing themselves.

So we talked, and talked, and later found out we really enjoyed the same type of programming. Normally when I find others with the same interests as me, I am apprehensive to continue on with why they like what they like. Once I find that out, it either makes or breaks the relationship. When people like things for (in my subjective opinion) the wrong reasons, I tend to back off. It doesn’t require direct question asking to figure this out. Just a few actions or certain phrases used.

When I asked whether or not he was going to the concert, he first thought it had passed already, to which I reminded (or as he says, “saved him”) him that it was infact this Saturday to which he seemed willing to put off his already made plans to go and check them out. Once we established our similar interests in music, I asked if he listened to KCRW. To which he responded with an open laugh, followed by, “You are a weirdo, aren’t you?” I didn’t know how to respond to that, but embrace it, only to be rewarded by his mutual interest in the same thing. He shared how others didn’t understand how he could listen to the news radio, or the weird music that radio station played. This topic came all too close to home for me. It’s as if he knew exactly what to say to ensure that we were on the same wavelength.

Something about interactions like this make me happy inside and keep the cynic in me under control. I hope this weekend goes according to plan & I hope to see him and others there for a fun night. I see myself writing more about the matter once it has come and gone; until then.



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