New Work, New Schedule

This new work schedule/ routine I’ve figured out is starting to work out in my favor. Everyone always asks if it is difficult working nights. At first glance, yes it is difficult to adjust your body & sleep pattern to become temporarily nocturnal. Just like anything else, all obstacles are dependent on our perception of them. I perceive almost anything work-related as achievable. I have been able to do this for seven years of my life, & I like to think I am good at it. To summarize, if it has to do with work I can wrap my brain around it and get things done.

So when the obstacle is adjusting one’s sleep pattern, I started by considering the positive things that can come out of it.

  • I have mornings to myself
  • I do not work more than three consecutive days
  • I always get off on time
  • I can do productive personal tasks (studying, answering emails, yoga, read & listen to music) while at work (once all my work is finished)

The first positive has got to be the one I appreciate the most. When studying has been done the night before, I can ride in the morning for up to four to five hours and have the rest of my day to recover. If other errands need to get done, I can sleep in and wake up whenever I like to get them done. I love to wake up to an empty house. The peace and quiet of an empty home makes me (the hermit in me) happy inside. Making it out to morning rides has gotten me aware of my future riding potential. Some teammates mentioned getting together an elite team of riders that consist of upper category racers that I have a chance at joining. This implies that I upgrade to their category as soon as possible and no more racing hungover and overweight. I am in the process of losing weight for the upcoming season and even though I am fluctuation, I consider myself ahead of the curve. The most exciting part is putting the workouts you do outside of cycling into good training and seeing results. I am able to climb faster for a longer period of time because of the work I am doing on and off the bike.

I used to work four consecutive days at a time. Working this much can turn someone jaded. Thankfully I have another co-worker who is willing to pick up the slack and rotate our days so neither of us end up staying at work longer than we have to. When I see people work forty-eight hours at a time, I remember doing that and not missing it. Yeah you get five days off, but two of those days are going to be spent indoors sleeping and re-energizing. Getting off on time has it’s own perks. No longer do I have the stressful unsure feeling that I might not be able to make plans after work. This was one of the main reasons I took this job offer.

This new work life isn’t so bad. The work itself can be seen as tedious, but I consider it a step up from the physical labor I used to do. Just an update on all things going on on this side of the work.



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