Up Early to Enjoy the Day

Back from another busy day in the classroom. The academic routine is finally going into effect. Between transitioning to a new work routine and a new riding/ training schedule, I finally feel I have a firm grasp on my life. Interests and priorities have done some tectonic shifting these past months.

Work has taught me a few things. For one, I don’t consider myself a night person. I know what some of you may be thinking, “How can you work nights and not be a night person?” This does seem kind of backwards now that it’s written down in front of me. So let me try and rephrase my point. Work has made me appreciate my days a lot more. Work has made me realize that I enjoy myself a lot more during the day than at night. Nights are mainly for sleeping, and days are for, well, whatever the hell you want. When most people are out working day jobs, I feel a little more at peace with the world when I am in it with a sparser environment.

I do not want to confuse that me not liking nights means I do not like my job. That can’t be further from the truth. In no way what it is I do for work by any means a career, but given my situation it is a step in the right direction. It has opened up a lot of opportunities for me on a personal level. I am good at what I do when I am at work, and I don’t spend my free time thinking about work. I can separate the two and seek my own pleasures from both.

People normally get a case of the Mondays when their weekend is over. I haven’t gotten a case of the Mondays since I switch job titles. I get to wake up early and start my day ahead of what would normally be a late schedule when I worked days. I know this will not last forever. While it is lasting, I am making the best of it. For example, I don’t start work until 1800 tomorrow. I plan on getting up early and spending 4-5 hours on the bike at my own easy-going pace, rendezvousing back home where I will nap, then head for work. This is great because I can make plans during the day. I don’t miss going out in the evenings. Which brings me to the second opportunity work has given me.

Work has made me enjoy and seek more time for self-reflection and self-company. Since not many people I know have this same schedule, I find myself riding solo most of the time. At first this was a drag; a real boring drag. Now it’s kind of addicting. That and riding in groups that get back home before noon. Since I sit behind a computer screen (actually four computer screens) for my shift, focusing on how soon units are able to get from A to B, in hopes to make it to a certain area as soon as possible. Also having to juggle this tasks for eight other crews can be a bit stressful, but it is all about hindsight. This requires me to be separate from those co-workers around me, and to be alone. While some may find this a lonely and desolate job, I see it a little differently. I like the cave aspect of work. Has it turned me into a hermit outside of work? Yes, but that’s fine because I can turn on and be outgoing when I need to. This time alone is like a breath of fresh air for me. Having come out of a long relationship, this time alone is special.

Sure I interact with others on the bike & at school, I just don’t have anyone in particular who I feel obliged to communicate with every day at all times of the day. I cannot stress how good this feels. Does that make me vain? I can see that point of view but find it increasingly difficult to sympathize with that frame of mind. All of this free time has given me a sense of satisfaction and pleasure.

I don’t sleep as much anymore, but I am finding that I don’t like to sleep very much anymore. I know it is a necessity for all, but it can be adjusted and not be detrimental to one’s health. That being said, I know I am going to feel cranky and crabby on tomorrow’s ride into downtown LA for coffee and relaxing when I have had little to know sleep. I am probably going to get up earlier than anyone here who I am living with. But to get up to enjoy the day go by and ride where the wind blows, doesn’t get much better than that.



One thought on “Up Early to Enjoy the Day

  1. Appreciate your friendship since it seems I don’t fit into any of the compartmentalized buckets – bikes, school or work – and we still are friends despite that.

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