Costa Rican Review

I just finished my first cup of my new coffee I got in the mail yesterday. While it is currently on day five, I am impressed with how descriptive it is. Without going into too much detail, here is my review of said cup:

This is a single-origin coffee from Costa Rica with a light to medium roast profile. This is becoming a growing preference for me. I find that coffees come off a lot cleaner without the super dark roast profile where the beans are sweating with oils. I brewed it using my V60 at 24g per 12oz (340g) of water and took some photos.











For being on day five, it bloomed pretty well. Total brew time was three minutes to get all the CO2 and other gases out of the grind. Now for one of the most important parts; the taste review.

Since it has a lighter roast profile, and I used a filtered brewing method, I got a good smooth and clean taste to it. It has a mild form of sweetness with a lot of fruit notes in it. It tastes like what I would imagine a fruit salad to taste like. I got a lot of taste from the first sip. Usually it takes about a third of my way into the cup to start being able to break down the elemental profiles of the beans. What I liked most about it aside from it’s descriptiveness right from the start is the duration it sits on the tongue. Since this has fruitier elements to it, it sits on the tongue for just the right amount of time to recognize the notes that are involved, and just like that it finishes smoothly and goes away leaving the drinker wanting more.

I know I keep using the terms fruity and sweet at the same time which doesn’t happen all too often but is true in this instance. Think of the fruitiness you get from drinking a smoothie. All the sugars from the fruit resulting it it’s own unique sweetness. To be quite honest, the coffee was sweeter in fruity notes than the oatmeal I had with it where I used frozen raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries which came off a little sour.

I am very satisfied with this roast, frankly because I finished my cup before I touched my breakfast (always a good sign.) I would not recommend cream or sugar, or brewing by way of an espresso or Moka pot. Due to the pressurized method of brewing, it amplifies the flavors of the coffee so much that I am afraid it would come off as a sour profile. The filtered method is most desirable and recommended. This is suggested for coffee drinkers who do not like the darker French or Italian roasts with their signature smokey tastes. Despite the colder weather, this smooth cup makes for a good way to start the morning, or afternoon (depending on what time of day you wake up.) If you want to get someone more interested in coffee and know they have a sensitive palate, this would be a good route to start.

As far as Tonx as an establishment, I will continue to receive their coffees in hopes that they are just as descriptive as what I have had this morning. I have a soft spot for the sweeter coffees and look forward to those and other types they may come out with. Hope this was helpful to all in possibly persuading others to give them a try. Fresh, descriptive, reasonably priced coffee delivered at a timely hour from roasting date. As much as I want to have another cup, I would like to also venture out to try other coffees in other areas today. This is the benefit of getting coffee delivered, you get the best of both worlds.

Happy drinking everyone.



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