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Just the other day, while riding with some teammates, in between our usual bike talk the subject of coffee came up (what more is there to life than bikes and coffee? Nothing I tell you.) I was referred to the brand Tonx coffee as a subscription option. I have done some superficial research on coffee subscriptions in the past and have been apprehensive with most companies. Mainly because the shoppes are local and I’ve told myself if I really want it, I’ll make that trip across town.

Having heard the name and trusting my teammate’s opinion on the bean, I decided to check them out. One of the things that caught my eye at first was how soon they ship their beans after roasting (within 2-3 days of roasting within the U.S.) This leaves the coffee very ripe when it arrives. They have a free trial offer that I am happy to report finally came in the mail today; sooner than estimated.

This is the coffee that came in the mail today.
This is the coffee that came in the mail today.

Since it is late in the evening, I have decided to put the taste test on hold and wait until first thing tomorrow. But back to the description of the establishment.

As cliche as it may sound, these people really seem like they want to get others interested in coffee. They have staff you can email with questions and concern about your current coffee setup (whether it’s a basic dripper, or multiple brewing mediums such as myself.) From the coffee geeks to beginners, they encourage people to contact them with all their questions about how to get the best out of their experience. This makes me feel more welcome than most. They know what they’re talking about. They responded to my email within 24 hours and ensured me that a fancy goose neck kettle wasn’t necessary and that I shouldn’t pay over twenty dollars for a good scale and timer.

Another thing I have noticed with other subscriptions is the user is able to pick the type of roasts they prefer, or they leave it up to the roaster. I never saw this as a bad thing, but the multiple options discouraged me. I didn’t want to be the person changing my subscription preferences multiple times because I wasn’t in the mood for something (plus I’m too lazy to do so.) With Tonx, they pick which country of origin is best based on the time of year and which location is providing the best beans at the time. I never considered this concept when it came to coffee. When I think back to my days working at a grocery store and hearing customers request produce that was out of season, it made perfect sense to me when applying the same concepts to coffee. Why request a type of coffee from an origin that isn’t producing their best products at that point in time. They make all the decisions for you. Based on what is in full & fresh bloom. In my email I had mentioned that I was apprehensive to this idea, but they assured me that the coffees they will send will go best with the current time of the year and the current seasons we are experiencing.

I was sold after this was explained to me. One last comforting idea is knowing that I will have fresh coffee all the time. They send beans (at variable amounts, up to the user( from 6 oz to 24 oz and multiple sizes in between)) every other week while they are at their peak time for grinding and brewing. If anyone has known me for over 24 hours, they know I have made coffee a big deal in my life. I still love the joy of hunting down a fine bean, or trying a new local shoppe that roasts their own beans, or carries a roaster’s beans that make a good quality product. This way I am able to try even further depths of the coffee spectrum. With my current subscription on top of my curiosity to try new and local coffees makes me feel a little more complete inside.

All of these things sold me on their product. That and shipping is included in their already low subscription cost. When crunching the numbers, their price-per-cup is a lot cheaper than other alternative choices. I love grinding my own fresh beans, and so do they. I think I have found a match I hope to keep going and see where it will eventually lead me.

So now that I have sold some of you on this company and what they stand for, here is my shameless pitch to get you to join with me. One thing I forgot to mention is that with a subscription, not only do you get fresh coffee delivered at it’s peak, but you as a member get discounted products like mugs, grinders, brewers, and all kinds of other coffee related material for below retail price. So I encourage you to join me in this coffee adventure. Do yourself a favor and pamper yourself with the peace of mind of knowing you don’t have to go across town because you just ran out of beans.

Here is a link to get your subscription started:

Thanks so much for your time. I will be letting everyone know how the coffee brewing experience goes tomorrow morning.


P.S My on the back of the card that came with me coffee, there was a cute description of the farm and farmers who were responsible for that particular batch. If that doesn’t convince you that they care about what they do, I don’t know what will.


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