Excelso Rafel Review

Just yesterday before the rain & in between rides I was able to stop by my local Wednesday coffee shoppe. To my surprise, I was lucky enough to stumble on a bath of single-origin from columbia that had been roasted the day before. This doesn’t happen every day which is why if you happen to be there with me, you would have seen my face lit up and a grin begin to emerge. Even the guy in front of me was curious as to what excited me so much. Long story short, I paid for the beans, (I didn’t care the volume they were selling it in, I would find something to do with it) finished my ride, and carried the pound of beans in both my jersey pockets back home.

10 Speed Coffee
10 Speed Coffee

There are both pros and cons to acquiring a roast so young as this. The pros are that you cannot get coffee much fresher than that unless it’s still growing on the tree or has just come out of the wash (depending on how you prepare things.) The cons are best explained with the banana analogy I have thought up. Bananas just like any other fruit are desired when they are fresh. That being said, we have all stumbled across the bath of bananas that are just beginning to show some yellow under all that green. The same goes for freshly roasted coffee. You need to give it some time for the chemicals and sugars to come out and come together. To play it safe, I would prefer to have the beans in my possession and play things day by day to know when the batch becomes ripe.

I experimented yesterday and tried to brew a batch in my V60 to see how things went. The reason I use the banana analogy is because the first thing that came to mind as I dove in was the feeling and taste you would get if you ate a banana that was too green.

Today is a new day and in my traditional fashion, I finished my cup before I was able to make it to my laptop to dissect the taste. I ended up using a more coarse grind, similar to that of drip coffee. My batch still came out to a brewing time of three minutes after letting the coffee bloom for 30-45 seconds given its young age. Plus my liquid coffee yield was right on point (12-14oz poured, got 12 back.)This is a sign that the roast is starting to come together and turn out something very tasty.

As always, ten speed coffee does medium to light roasts which is becoming a preference for me. The brewer is able to use different methods to bring out the lighter and darker notes and the roast doesn’t restrict. The first sip has a medium body to it that sits on the tongue for a longer duration. My first impression conjured up adjectives one would find in a more comfort, rainy-day roast. A sweet, but mellow taste resembling mild hints of honey and butter. The finish is just as smooth as the start. Although the tastes are more mild, this compliments the body of the coffee which seems to be on the medium to darker side. Only so many flavors can be brought out by certain brewing methods. This is why I want to try different brewers and expand my growing coffee setup. That, plus it gives me a reason to splurge and get new things.

Something tells me that to get a good first impression of a new roast would be to somehow bring out the intense, unfiltered notes. I’m thinking of testing out a batch in my moka pot, and my french press. The moka pot will intensify the flavors that are already in the roast, and the french press will determine how acidic and oily the roast can get. From there, we can move across the lighter end of the brewing spectrum to that of the V60 and chemex to see the different degrees and profiles a bean has.

Breaking down the taste of coffee takes multiple attempts and can be difficult. Analysis is incomplete by brewing one type of method and calling it a day. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every sip I took. This roast and brewing method makes for a smooth cup and is recommended for those who prefer a less acidic and sediment filled cup. I will be trying different methods to get a better description of the type of roast this batch is. After all, I have a pound of coffee all to myself and my first official Tonx batch is coming in by the end of the month.

Class is approaching and this rainy weather calls for more coffee drinking to keep the body warm inside. To my fellow coffee drinkers, I tip my mug to you.



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