Holiday Rant

The holidays have arrived. Weather is colder, school is over for the most of us, and we should all be feeling cheerful, jolly, and other adjectives that are associated with end of the year holidays.

I found out many years ago that I am the grinch of the bunch. I’ve accepted that role on account that I find the presence of an annual calender date as a means to justify kind behavior. There is a lot of pressure for us to be kind to one another just because it’s the holidays. “What if I don’t want to give gifts to others?” Last time I checked gifts were rewarded for good behavior and actions. I just don’t like being forced to feel a certain way that I may not agree with (I’ll step off my soapbox now.)

The reason I bring this up is because the approach of a new holiday after Thanksgiving reminds me of the time I spent all by my lonesome, and how much pleasure it gave me. The introvert in me wants to continue doing things like this. Thanksgiving and my all-day adventure in downtown Los Angeles has opened up a new way to enjoy myself; by myself.

My mom recently asked if I was free on Christmas eve and if I would join her for dinner. As it stands right now, I have no plans but I still feel apprehensive about joining. Part of it is because of my new dietary/ lifestyle choice. Another part is I would like to spend my newly found time on my own. What I see happening is me doing my own thing in the morning/ afternoon , then head down there once the sun begins to go down.

Work has me a little bothered right now and I had some thoughts I wanted to get off my chest. That’s what blogs are for right?

All is well given those two dilemmas. Got to ride bikes this morning and work on fast-twitch fitness. Things are starting to come around, all that needs some work is my anaerobic threshold along with a few more complimentary muscle strengthening exercises. I feel an increased amount of focus during these group/ training rides which I feel gives me an advantage since I have not used every resource I possess just yet. Next year just keeps getting more and more exciting.

Until then, I’m stuck at work for the weekend with satellite TV and a warm building to rest in. Until next time….



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