The End is Near

The end of the year is approaching with haste. This short time of year is a time for looking towards the future, and a short recap of the passing year. I have seen relationships come and grow, and others wither away this year. School has progressed to the point where I have finished one step of the plan and begin another. Most recently I have made some changes in my life that in the grand scheme of things have been for the better. I have reevaluated the group of people I wish to surround myself with for the sake of our own personal success on top of healthier, less binge-filled eating habits.

I would like to focus on the near future and recent things I have noticed with this new diet change. In cutting out dairy from my diet I have seen a number of health benefits within the first few weeks. My energy and hunger levels are more controlled, I require less sleep, and I am losing weight (mostly fat) all without feeling famished or heavily dependent on caffeine to continue with my normal routine. One new obstacle I have found is more towards the social change that must come with the lifestyle choice. Not everyone is vegan, and not everyone knows you’re trying to live your life that way. I would be lying if I said I haven’t turned down a lot of baked gifts and candy from others this holiday. I try and be kind with declining these kind gestures as they are informal and seen as a token of sincerity. I recognize this and do my best to turn it down without being rude. It took some real willpower to turn down all the foods offered by my ex these past few days. At first things were difficult, but like any habit, we learn to grow and to compromise. She eventually got the point when I stood my ground and tried my best to mention that it had nothing to do with who she was as a person, and that I have the sensitive stomach.

These past few days have reminded me that compromise is a very important skill one must learn to continue to grow. I have begun to find my own voice in the world, and have been speaking my mind and telling things like it is. Although this feels so good, I haven’t been considering the thoughts of others as much and not entitling them to make their own decisions. Perhaps I have developed an elitist attitude and become a bit of a snob to those who I feel comfortable around. Finding a balance between the opinions of the self and the opinions of others is going to take some time to control. Now I have an idea of how people in power like politicians and priests feel when they speak to be heard by others. They may have some valuable points that appear very logical, but if you  fail to balance your own thoughts with those of others you fail at more things than one.

Getting back to the rude vegan who will most likely be not eating the foods you offer him, I am going to do my best to be as caring as possible when letting those around me know the type of diet I have chosen. One I have tried to explain this to others, I feel as though it’s that persons responsibility to not only recognize and eventually accept this choice, but to not forget and consider this a lifestyle change that will be lasting for an extended amount of time.

The new year is just another date on the calendar. It is the first date on the calendar which holds some value to many people. For me, it is another day for growth and discovery from within.

As the last weekend of the year approaches, it is time for me to leave my cave and venture out into the world on two wheels.



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